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Investment/Wealth Mgmt & Family Office CRM & Mobility

A Client Relationship Management, Business Intelligence & Compliance solution – built on the Infor CRM platform – that simplifies the daily challenges of Investment Advisers, Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Bank & Trusts, Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Fund of Funds.

Client/Investor Reporting & Meeting Packages

Mass Production of Client Reporting with Personalization that looks like they were produced by a dedicated marketing and graphics team—all this in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Outsourced IT, Business Continuity & Cyber Security

Take the stress and expense out of managing your IT. With any one of our fixed-cost, remotely managed IT services packages, you can run your business every day knowing that your technology and IT infrastructure are secure, stable and up-to-date.

How Lord Abbett Gained a Sales Edge

Learn how Infor's prediction engine provides this New York investment firm insight into the best fund to pitch to each client


Pricing and Reference Data Interface Connects Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) and Advent Axys® to Thomson Reuters DataScope Select




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ITCOMPLETE Suite of Services

A multi-layered IT strategy that protects your firm, your clients and your budget!

Run Your Business Anywhere

Protect Anything

Restore Anytime

Guaranteed Ransomware Protection


Outsourced IT Services


Local & Cloud Data Backup,

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Cyber Security

“I often hear that with the right technology, a business can overcome any functional issue – a misconception that seems to drive far too many technology initiatives.

The real requirement is a capable team of people that understand and agree on a process that brings results.

Those people and that set of processes need to be supported by the right technology, otherwise the people and the process turn into slaves to the technology….”

-Joseph Walker, CEO, UNAPEN, Inc.