Products & Solutions Uniquely Tailored to the Investment Advisory Community

Who We Are

UNAPEN, Inc. is a nationally recognized consulting and software development firm that provides software and technical consulting to the:

  •     Financial Services Industry,
  •     Educational Institutions,   
  •     Non-Profit Organizations.  


We have developed applications and solutions that will maximize your productivity, improve your services, and give your business the competitive edge.

UNAPEN 25th anniversary

Solutions Since 1991

Software Solutions

Welcome to UNAPEN’s Solution Suite for Financial Services: 

ClientLogix CRM, Mobility & Business Intelligence,   

ClientRep Portfolio & Mgmt Reporting    

– Business Automation & Data Synchronization.

Our products are tailored for the Investment Advisory community to help your firm boost profitability, improve employee productivity, streamline internal systems and increase client satisfaction. It’s time to put your client’s information at your fingertips!

IT Services

Over the past 20+ years, UNAPEN has provided IT solutions that offer multi-level, secure Managed IT, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & CyberSecurity services to protect your data, reduce or eliminate IT payroll expense, and maintain your critical systems. We will help you plan, design and implement the best systems for your needs and your budget.