Ransomware – How a New Form of Locky is Spreading via Spam

September 6, 2017
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A massive spam campaign spread a new form of the Locky ransomware, sending out over 23 million phishing emails in a single day.

For additional details on how to train your friends and co-workers on what to look out for in an email, tips for protecting yourself against ransomware, and how the hackers are utilizing the Darkweb to process Bitcoin ransom payments click here.


According to sources at AppRiver, there's currently no way to reverse or decrypt this strain of Locky. 

Instead, they recommend a 3-pronged approach to protecting data:

1)  software updates

Flexible IT Services at an affordable fixed monthly cost.

2)  data backup

Create comprehensive Data Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions.

3)  layered cybersecurity

Harden your firm against CyberSecurity attacks.