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June 29, 2012 MaryAnne Rode 1 comment

Start with assessment:

Assess the situation- Take stock of what you have for technology.    How old is the technology you are using.  How long has it been since anyone has performed an audit on the technology?

Assess yourself and your practice- Is the technology used by all people in the company or just some?  How much does your company rely on the technology? (more…)

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I am here to tell you that in many ways they are not!  Of course there are some similarities in terms of the services they provide and the method they use to provide those services but that is where it ends.  Any IT provider can set up your network and provide antivirus software.  Any IT provider can give you anti-malware and run backups of your data.  (more…)

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Lately I have been writing more and more about IT service providers and choosing the right one. It occurred to me that some guidelines for what to ask any prospective IT provider may be helpful.  As your company’s dependency on technology grows, your need for IT support grows along with it.

Listed below are ten questions you should always ask any prospective IT provider before signing up with them: (more…)

May 24, 2012 MaryAnne Rode 1 comment

What are Managed IT Services?

In a nutshell, Managed IT Services is defined as an outside firm or service provider who handles your Information Technology needs including system monitoring, backups, security patches, anti-malware,  spam filtering as well as planning for upcoming hardware and software upgrades.  Some companies are even providing the option to rent hardware from them along with a managed network service.  It is an alternative to hiring an employee to handle your IT needs.  It is also a way to tap into several areas of expertise without having to hire a highly compensated employee especially if your IT needs are fairly limited in scope. (more…)