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Outsourcing, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and CyberSecurity

Over the past 20+ years, UNAPEN has provided IT solutions that offer multi-level, secure OutSourced/Managed ITDisaster Recovery, Business Continuity & CyberSecurity services to protect your data, reduce or eliminate IT payroll expense, and maintain your critical systems. We will help you plan, design and implement the best systems for your needs and your budget.

Managed IT Services

IT Complete ServicesITComplete™ utilizes remote monitoring to proactively support and maintain the servers and hardware used for all your applications, including built-in integration with UNAPEN products like our ClientLogix™ CRM for Investment Management. This automated solution allows you to control IT costs as your business grows.

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Business Continuity & IT Risk Planning

A multi-layered strategy that protects your firm, your clients and your budget! UNAPEN Business Continuity PlanningDo you have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Site(BCS)? Your critical business processes should be protected against: power outages, fire, earthquake. We can evaluate your needs, build you a plan, and implement an offsite infrastructure to keep your business running.

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Cyber Security & Network Security Assessment

Vulnerability scanning to identify network weaknesses. UNAPEN Business Continuity PlanningWondering not if, but how vulnerable your network is to Cyber Attacks and Security Breaches? Find out in a fully documented, monthly or quarterly report on where your network may be susceptible to intrusion in order to protect your firm and your confidential client information.

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Find out how the right NetScan service level can be a cost-effective way to identify vulnerabilities that could leave your firm at risk.

FlexIT Services

IT Flex ServicesThe demand for IT is expanding exponentially. You can keep up with today's demands and NOT increase your staff or payroll overhead. Our IT services cover Email filtering, Virus and Spyware protection, Network Security, Network Design and more.

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IT Consulting

UNAPEN IT Consulting ServicesSenior Business Analysts at UNAPEN can also look at your technology to suggest ways to automate your processes to save time spent on daily tasks.

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