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What you don't know about your Network could hurt you. Are you wondering what security risks you might have missed?

ITComplete NETSCAN™ is an advanced network security analysis provided by UNAPEN, expert providers of IT & Business Continuity solutions since 1995.

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Find out how the right NetScan service level can be a cost-effective way to identify vulnerabilities that could leave your firm at risk.

Don't spend time worrying about whether your network is open to attack!

ITComplete NETSCAN provides a fully documented review of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network and is affordable by any size firm:


Beyond scanning for external vulnerabilities, we dig deep into your network infrastructure to uncover hidden issues and configuration errors that can impact security and reliability.


It's nice to say that your network is properly configured and secure; it's better when you can demonstrate this to regulators and clients with detailed reports on a monthly basis.


For the price of a monthly cell phone plan, you can protect your firm's critical systems and confidential client information, as well as your budget.




  • - Working together to prevent ransomware

  • - Enabling your firm to maintain operations even if you suffer a ransomware attack!

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