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- Firms are becoming more and more dependent on technology every day.

- Technology allows us to run our businesses more efficiently and to reduce the possibility of human error.

- However, it can also lead to a never-ending web of maintenance, updates, configuration and troubleshooting if not managed properly.

 This can be extremely time-consuming and costly if your technology is managed in-house, or by the old-fashioned break-fix model with an IT company.


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UNAPEN’s ITComplete™ takes the stress and expense out of managing your IT. With any one of our remotely managed IT services packages, you can run your business every day knowing that your technology and IT infrastructure are secure, stable and up-to-date.


Our service level options are designed to meet the needs of firms with varying levels of IT support:

ITComplete Advanced

For the Small Business that requires comprehensive IT services at a fixed monthly cost

ITComplete Basic

For Businesses looking to offload mundane IT tasks and needing assistance with IT support

ITComplete Professional

For Large Businesses desiring access to some of the best managed tools available and UNAPEN’s 20+ years of industry expertise

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 ITComplete™ FAQs

"Do I need Broadband and special hardware?"

Broadband is faster, but not necessary: You do not need a Broadband service to have ITComplete. Although Broadband has advantages in speeding the download of patches and utilities, all that is required is an internet connection. Laptops can even be managed and supported on the road as long as there is an available internet connection. The cost of hardware purchases for your use and ownership is not included under ITComplete. The work involved to specify, order and install hardware is included at the Advanced level and available for additional fees at the lower tiers. At the Intermediate and Advanced levels, UNAPEN places a server on your premises for storage of backups and assisting with other management tasks at no cost to you; however, this system remains as the property of UNAPEN.

"Will I save money? What if I already have a sizable IT staff?"

ITComplete™ provides the tools and personnel to proactively monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure. Through this proactive management, downtime is reduced and internal IT staff is freed to work on endeavors more directly related to improving your bottom line (e.g. line of business applications, intranet portal services, advanced technical training). If you do not currently have onsite IT staff, UNAPEN ITComplete™ can offer its advantages at a fraction of the typical cost of outsourcing. As you continue to grow, you may reach a point at which you consider hiring additional personnel. “Outtasking” via ITComplete™ may make that unnecessary. You may also be able to reallocate the current workload to become more efficient.

"How safe is our data? Do you backup all our data?"

Your data remains on your site and completely in your control. Furthermore, UNAPEN owns and operates all the systems used to access and manage your network. None of these tasks are outsourced to third parties. At the lower tiers, ITComplete™ includes monitoring and managing of your existing backup solution. For increased protection and reduced recovery times, system imaging is included in the higher tiers. With system imaging, we can restore any system back to its exact configuration and settings at the time the last backup was completed. In addition to providing fast recovery from hardware or software failures, these images also simplify hardware replacement and system upgrades. If you accidentally delete a file, as long as the file existed during the last backup cycle, Intermediate and Advanced level clients can open a ticket or call our support line to have any file restored in minutes. Basic and Professional level clients will have to locate and insert the last backup tape for our personnel to perform the restore.

"What type of software is included?"

At the lower levels ITComplete™ includes the management system to monitor and maintain your systems. At the higher tiers, software to protect your systems against viruses and spyware is included as is the imaging software. A note about patches and service packs: While it is critical to regularly apply Microsoft Updates, using automatic updates is dangerous in a business environment. At least several times per year, patches are released and subsequently found to cause problems within some configurations. To keep your systems up to date while limiting the potential for this type of problem, ITComplete™ installs patches in stages. First, UNAPEN test machines are patched. Assuming no problems are found, all UNAPEN machines are patched. If everything is still proceeding smoothly, test machines at client sites are patched and as long as no problems have been found through this process, the patches are applied to all client machines.

"What are the contract terms?"

1 year, auto renewing. A contract can be cancelled at any time with thirty days notification. We are happy to respond to issues on-site whenever required. However, on-site service is subject to transportation and other fees. Whenever possible we address issues remotely to ensure fast and cost effective service.  Learn more about Technical Support


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