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Now APX & Axys Users Have a Choice in Data Vendors

PriceFusion™ is an automated data bridge between Thomson Reuters DataScope Select and Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) and Advent Axys®, delivering high quality data at highly competitive price points and eliminating surprises in your monthly data costs. The type and frequency of data updates are very flexible, reliable and the ability to pre-schedule all your data updates makes the whole process effortless.


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Client Data at Your Fingertips

UNAPEN ClientLogix Financial SoftwareClientLogix™ CRM and Business Intelligence solution for investment/wealth managers enables your firm to grow assets, minimize overhead and improve client service to provide you with a competitive edge. We start by aggregating portfolio data with other key data sources, streamlining operational workflows across your entire organization to help your employees work as a unified team. Then we provide easy access to that information using modern CRM, Business Intelligence and Dashboard/Reporting tools all within a single, centralized portal.
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Mass Production of Client Reporting with Personalization

UNAPEN ClientLogix Financial SoftwareClientRep™ Portfolio Reporting solution integrates and incorporates data from multiple sources, then automatically creates client statements, meeting packages and internal management reports that look like they were produced by a dedicated marketing and graphics team—all this in a fraction of the time it used to take.

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Time Critical Knowledge Management

UNAPEN Knowledge Sync Financial SoftwareKnowledgeSync™ is an automated Business Activity Monitoring system that can trigger alerts, initiate workflows, synchronize critical systems, generate/deliver reports and notify the appropriate people of time-sensitive conditions, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to client needs, potential compliance issues, and operational tasks.
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Custom Client Solutions

UNAPEN Custom Financial SoftwareOur first choice is always to find you the most cost effective pre-built options. However, when your business needs more, our Analysts and Project Managers are here to help build you the best platform for your needs.
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Business Consulting

UNAPEN Business ConsultingSenior Business Analysts at UNAPEN can partner with you to ensure your Portfolio Accounting or Trading System is the right application for your business.
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