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Building You A Better Solution

Sometimes your unique business needs require a solution that hasn't been built yet, or one that will be better suited for your firm if it is constructed according to your requirements. Because we are experts in the technology and financial services industries, we know how to help you identify your needs and then build an application or customize your existing systems in order to address those needs.

Buy vs. Build

Our first choice will always be to try to help you to find the right buy-option to meet your business requirements. If your situation calls for a custom solution, we work with you to keep your solution as simple as possible so that it can be completed in a timely and cost-sensitive environment.


At UNAPEN, our Business Analysts and Project Managers will work with your firm to precisely define the requirements of your custom project so that the scope of the project, the budget for the work and the timeframe of completion are realistic and acceptable to everyone. We can build applications from scratch or build onto some of your existing software to integrate information or automate tasks so you can run your firm the way you want.


Once your project is underway, quality assurance becomes extremely important. Analysts at UNAPEN will work with employees in your firm to test our solutions every step of the way to ensure all pieces of the project work the way they were designed before being released to production in your firm.

Our mantra is continuous improvement. We persistently strive to perform faster, economically, and with better quality. While this may sound like a contradiction it doesn't have to be. We feel that by continuing to refine and improve our best practices, we can achieve this goal.

What sets us apart from our competition is a thorough understanding of the Financial Services Industry and our absolute commitment to client satisfaction.

QuickBooks Integration with Portfolio Accounting Systems

UNAPEN Business Continuity PlanningUNAPEN has a customizable Intuit QuickBooks™ connector to several of the most popular portfolio accounting systems (Advent Axys®, Advent Portfolio Exchange® and SchwabPT PortfolioCenter®) that will automate the movement/synchronization of data between the two systems in either direction.

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