UNAPEN KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring, When Time is Critical

KnowledgeSync is a “Business Activity Monitoring” application that automatically monitors business information for critical, time-sensitive conditions of data across an organization and to respond to those conditions in a timely and intelligent manner.

Keeping Management, Clients and Staff Alert

Management, clients, staff in research, portfolio-management, operations and client service need to be kept in the loop when critical, time-sensitive information comes to light.

KnowledgeSync monitors ClientLogix™ and other software applications for critical, time-sensitive business “events.” Once an event is detected, alert messages are sent out to users, clients, and business partners. KnowledgeSync also monitors select e-mail accounts for important incoming messages. Once an e-mail is identified, an automated response is sent to the sender of the message, and the appropriate members of your staff are alerted. These alerts can be sent via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, cellular phone, and/or web browser. KnowledgeSync also updates the underlying applications with the details of the event and updates the underlying client record with the content of the incoming mail message.

Data-Triggered Reports

KnowledgeSync automatically generates and distributes Crystal Reports, PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel on a scheduled, “data-triggered” or on-request basis. Reports can be distributed via e-mail, fax, FTP, and web browser.

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