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May 10, 2013 Joan Walker No comments exist

Having spent the last ten years of my life working on implementing Client Relationship Management systems for Registered Investment Advisors, I can say there is no one answer, no cookie cutter approach, no silver bullet to the question “What makes a successful CRM Implementation”.  There are, however, consistent components that drive successful user adoption:

 Know Your Business Needs

The most critical aspect of any CRM implementation is to determine (more…)

July 23, 2012 David Gemma 1 comment

Sage SalesLogix Ranks High

2 weeks ago Forrester Research, Inc. released a report for Q3 2012 that evaluated the top CRM suites for midsize organizations and described it as “The 18 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up“ .  They used 400 product feature, platform and market presence criteria to asses each solution and then ranked them.

ClientLogix Built on CRM Leader – SalesLogix

Eight CRM software products earned Forrester’s “leader” status.  One of these CRM leaders was Sage SalesLogix, the foundation for the UNAPEN ClientLogix product.  Forrester’s high level explanation for giving leader status to SalesLogix was that “Sage SalesLogix is proven and user friendly”. (more…)

July 9, 2012 David Gemma No comments exist

HNWI & Institutional vs. Wrap/SMA

CRM solutions for investment management have mainly focused on High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) and Institutional clients, but firms running Wrap/SMA business are stuck trying to shoe-horn their relationships with sponsors, branches and FA’s into a relationship structure that doesn’t really fit.  What’s worse is when I hear the exasperation of Wrap/SMA managers that have been searching for a CRM solution.  First they have to explain their business to the CRM vendor, then they to go into a demo and find out that they are looking at a HNWI system that comes with only promises that it can be adapted to handle Wrap/SMA relationships.

CRM built for Wrap/SMA

It’s a great feeling when you (more…)

July 2, 2012 David Gemma No comments exist

 Client Service is the Key!

Consider this common client service scenario:

  • A wealthy client calls with questions about her portfolio.
  • Your staff member, Thomas, hasn’t spoken directly with this client previously.
  • ClientLogix CRM pulls up the client record for Thomas before he even answers the phone .
  • He immediately has access to her entire portfolio as well as notes from previous conversations and written correspondence at his fingertips.
  • Thomas is able to handle the client’s inquiry efficiently and knowledgeably because he is able to provide the requested information immediately over the phone instead of having to call her back after searching through 5 different systems and a network directory.
  • In addition, Thomas (more…)
May 16, 2012 David Gemma


I went to the Advent Users Group (AUG) meeting in Chicago last week and I wanted to share some highlights and trends in the industry that were discussed.  Over 40 AUG members attended and when they did an informal poll, it revealed that approximately 75% of group is currently using Advent Axys while the remainder is using or migrating to Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX).  I have yet to see any attendees from firms using Advent Geneva and am waiting to see if any of the firms on Black Diamond will come into the fold moving forward. (more…)

January 24, 2012 UPAdmin

ClientLogix™: A Central Element

Wallingford, CT: UNAPEN’s ClientLogix CRM integrates client service and sales activities as part of the new overall technology strategy at The Washington Trust Company. Click here to read about Elite 8 honoree Barbara Perino—SVP of operations and technology—and her work to overhaul legacy systems and build a powerful infrastructure to support the bank’s growth strategies.


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March 31, 2011 UPAdmin

UNAPEN products, services & solutions for the Advent community

Wallingford, CT: March 31, 2011—UNAPEN, Inc. (Unified Application Environments) has been a strategic partner and solution provider to asset management firms using Advent products since the early 1990’s.  On the Advent Users Group website www.adventuser.org this month, UNAPEN presents:

  • A quote by Joseph Walker, UNAPEN CEO, on the philosophy behind our solution.
  • ClientRep™ & ClientLogix™ product information, links and testimonials.
  • IT outsourcing and Business Continuity offerings.
  • Strategic consulting engagements to streamline and automate operations, trading, compliance, sales & client service.


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