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April 25, 2017 David Gemma


Leading Cloud-Native Business Intelligence Platform to Provide Greater Actionable Insights across the Enterprise

September 2, 2014 David Gemma

Infor Acquisition of Saleslogix

Saleslogix is moving into a new and significant phase of product evolution with the announcement that Infor is acquiring the product and its 100 or so employees from Swiftpage.  The reason that I am writing about this is because Saleslogix is the foundation for the UNAPEN ClientLogix CRM and Business Intelligence solution which specifically tailors Saleslogix for investment management.

When Swiftpage acquired Saleslogix, they focused their efforts on successfully enhancing the HTML5 mobile and web clients.  Infor, the third largest private technology company in the world, has announced that they intend to apply their sizeable resources to enhance Saleslogix with an industry-specific focus.  They will rename Saleslogix to Infor CRM as it takes a prominent position within the Inform enterprise product suite. (more…)

April 19, 2010 David Gemma No comments exist

Wallingford, CT: April 19, 2010—UNAPEN, Inc. will be hosting the Advent Users Group member meeting in San Francisco on April 26, 2010. The meeting will feature presentations and discussions on various topics such as compliance, GIPS, staffing issues and executive management.

UNAPEN partners with AUG several times each year to host these meetings for its members where they discuss an array of topics. Some popular staples are compliance, increasing efficiency, best practices and tips on how to get the most out of Advent products.

UNAPEN often contributes presentation material and expertise to these conversations since we specialize in providing enhanced functionality and integration to the Advent product suite. There comes a point in time when firms realize that their portfolio accounting system is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. These firms then begin looking for ways to better use their data and expand their view to encompass the entire client and portfolio lifecycle.

UNAPEN offers custom reporting and trading solutions, enhanced CRM and Business Intelligence products, as well as integration services for additional data sources, document management systems and others. UNAPEN works with its clients to streamline the flow of this data so that all of the information pertaining to clients, their portfolios, and their relationships with the advisor can be viewed and acted upon within a unified and centralized application.

UNAPEN will be hosting another meeting on June 10, 2010 for the Advent Users Group members in New York City.

March 25, 2009 David Gemma No comments exist

  ClientLogix™ — Asset Gathering and Retention Tool for the SMA and RIA Communities

Wallingford, CT: March 25, 2009—UNAPEN, Inc. is proud to announce the general release of ClientLogix™ 4.0, a coordinated business intelligence portal and client relationship management solution tailored for financial services. “Advisors using ClientLogix™ are poised to not only weather the current market turmoil with higher client retention rates, but also are aggressively acquiring new clients because they are able to provide superior client service and relationship management with less effort,” says David Gemma, Principal and co-founder of UNAPEN.

ClientLogix™ is a best-of-breed solution that combines the might of Sage Software’s world-renowned SalesLogix CRM 7.5 platform with UNAPEN’s extensive expertise in integrating portfolio accounting, partnership accounting, compliance, trading, billing, performance attribution and document management systems. The result is a central foundation upon which to grow an asset management firm with higher operational efficiency, increasing margins, controlled overhead and a more satisfied clientele.

RIA’s typically have a contact or relationship management system that provides a limited amount of fairly static and isolated data. These firms are likely to encounter significant client attrition rates as these systems fail to keep pace with the increased needs of institutional and high net worth clients. Mr. Gemma adds, “Our clients enjoy a significant strategic advantage because ClientLogix™ has helped them evolve to the point where they can easily access and manage holistic wealth management information in one unified application instead of four or five different applications.”

The new functionality in version 4.0 enhances the benefits to executive management, compliance officers, traders, portfolio managers, sales, marketing and operations personnel, with the added ability to quickly personalize the way information is organized and processes are defined to benefit each specific job function in an asset management firm.

  About UNAPEN, Inc.

UNAPEN, founded in 1991, is a nationally recognized software development firm that provides solutions tailored for wealth managers & family offices, bank & trusts, and Institutional managers. UNAPEN’s technology and financial services experts specialize in streamlining operations and workflow across organizations to help your business grow assets, minimize overhead and provide you a strategic competitive edge over other firms. UNAPEN offers business intelligence solutions and automated client reporting software, managed IT services, business continuity, custom development, systems integration and strategic consulting. For more information, visit http://www.unapen.com/ or call (203) 269-6111.

November 14, 2008 David Gemma No comments exist

UNAPEN CEO will discuss “Ride the Tide: Shoring up your Firm’s Finances with Best-in-Class Fee Billing” from November 20–22, 2008

Wallingford, CT: November 14, 2008—Joseph Walker, CEO of UNAPEN, Inc. will participate in the Partner Panel during the upcoming Redi2 Annual Client Conference, to be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The panel will address billing practices and standards while exploring how Redi2 fee billing software can help firms navigate today’s turbulent market currents. The conference will also discuss new features and functionalities of Redi2 Revenue Manager™ and share how clients are using Revenue Manager to directly impact their firm’s finances and operations.

UNAPEN has seen a steadily growing stream of requests for help in tackling challenges related to fee billing and revenue management for Institutional and High Net Worth clients. Walker will share his insight on moving from passive revenue collection to active revenue management and how integrating revenue analysis with ClientLogix provides a truly comprehensive way of seeing and managing your clients and distribution channels. The resulting knowledge and insight enables firms to focus on their most important channels and relationships for asset growth and retention.