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April 20, 2016 UPAdmin

“The more we learned about UNAPEN, the more we realized we had a true partner.”

St. Germain Investment Management

UNAPEN’s unique combination of products, services and industry experience has provided a framework for success for firms of all sizes and types. Every client is important to us. We put a great deal of effort behind our customer satisfaction, products and solutions.

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June 30, 2015 David Gemma

Article by Joan Walker, Managing Director at UNAPEN, Inc.

See Part 1 here: What Can RIAs Expect from a System Conversion – Part 1

When we last left off, we had determined that signing a contract is the beginning of the process, not the end.  We also learned our first lesson – your firm needs to have knowledgeable and empowered people as part of the conversion project team, but what does this mean?  Many times a project team ends up looking like this:


May 8, 2015 David Gemma

Mitigating CyberSecurity Risks & Threats

The SEC’s Division of Investment Management released a CyberSecurity Guidance Update for April 2015 for Investment Funds and RIAs to help address and mitigate CyberSecurity risks and threats.

They are clear in stating “…that is it not possible for a fund or adviser to anticipate and prevent every cyber attack. Appropriate planning to address cybersecurity and a rapid response capability may, nevertheless, assist funds and advisers in mitigating the impact of any such attacks and any related effects on fund investors and advisory clients, as well as complying with the federal securities laws.” (more…)

April 30, 2015 David Gemma

Article by Joan Walker, Managing Director at UNAPEN, Inc.

Your wealth management firm has just spent months looking into new systems, narrowing the field of options, negotiating terms and agreements and finally you are at the end of the process. You have chosen a new system! Congratulations, you’re done, you can leave it in the vendor’s hands to bring in the new system and all will be right with the world. WRONG – this is only the beginning, let’s see why. (more…)

May 13, 2014 David Gemma

All are welcome to sign up here http://tiny.cc/ucctfx for the Xbar webinar on  May 19 at 3pm est.

Announcing the best in CRM for Investment/Wealth Management – now extended inside Outlook!

ClientLogix™ CRM – the enterprise CRM solution for progressive investment and wealth management firms who are striving for greater operational efficiency and client service – is now inside Microsoft Outlook. The new Xbar from Saleslogix instantly displays key information, activities and opportunities for that contact stored in ClientLogix.

ClientLogix – CRM & Business Intelligence

ClientLogix blends the Saleslogix CRM data with portfolio accounting(Advent Axys® and APX®, SchwabPT PortfolioCenter®, SS&C Portia®, SunGard Asset Arena®, Fiserv/CheckFree APL®  etc.), billing, trading(Advent Moxy®) and other key systems to create an enterprise solution specifically for financial services. (more…)

July 12, 2012 David Gemma No comments exist

Family Wealth Report – article entitled “Viewpoint: On selecting managed services providers”

4 years ago we put together an article for Family Wealth Report Viewpoint: On selecting managed services providers that used the analogy of a siege on a medieval castle to talk about IT security and Business Continuity for investment managers and wealth managers.  I reread the article the other day and it has stood the test of time rather well, so I thought I’d share it with you in case you missed it the first time – Enjoy!

(If you’re not registered with Family Wealth Report you can get a free 28 day guest logon on the landing page to see the article)


July 2, 2012 David Gemma No comments exist

 Client Service is the Key!

Consider this common client service scenario:

  • A wealthy client calls with questions about her portfolio.
  • Your staff member, Thomas, hasn’t spoken directly with this client previously.
  • ClientLogix CRM pulls up the client record for Thomas before he even answers the phone .
  • He immediately has access to her entire portfolio as well as notes from previous conversations and written correspondence at his fingertips.
  • Thomas is able to handle the client’s inquiry efficiently and knowledgeably because he is able to provide the requested information immediately over the phone instead of having to call her back after searching through 5 different systems and a network directory.
  • In addition, Thomas (more…)
June 1, 2012 MaryAnne Rode No comments exist

Lately I have been writing more and more about IT service providers and choosing the right one. It occurred to me that some guidelines for what to ask any prospective IT provider may be helpful.  As your company’s dependency on technology grows, your need for IT support grows along with it.

Listed below are ten questions you should always ask any prospective IT provider before signing up with them: (more…)

February 6, 2012 UPAdmin

Boost Profitability and Increase Client Satisfaction

UNAPEN’s products work independently or together to help you boost profitability and increase employee and client satisfaction in all areas of your business. Our products work together to help you work smarter. With the UNAPEN Product Suite, you can: #1 See and interact with the client’s portfolio and critical information, instantly. #2 Automate your client statement process with professional graphical reports. #3 Monitor time-sensitive activities, send alerts, and get data-triggered reports. [button link=”http://unapen.com/products”] Read More: UNAPEN Product Suite[/button]

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February 2, 2012 UPAdmin

Understanding the Financial Services Industry

Custom Development is all about filling a void in your business solutions or extending the value of an existing one. One size rarely fits all, and at the end of the day business needs must be met. Our philosophy is simple—help find, define and maximize the value proposition for our clients. We achieve this by adhering to very strict guidelines. We do not build if there is a legitimate buy option. We do not over–engineer (in other words, we keep it simple). We build incrementally and collaboratively by partnering with our clients. We protect our clients from veering off course by ensuring that a logical end point is always in sight. Finally, we use the right technology for the solution.

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February 1, 2012 UPAdmin

Knowledge, Products & Solutions for Financial Services Industry

Our Financial Services and Technology professionals truly know your business, industry and the infrastructure you depend on. We provide a full-range of products, services and solutions tailored specifically for the Financial Services Industry. UNAPEN will help you evaluate and implement the technology that is right for you.

With UNAPEN, you receive the stability of proven technology with the power of leading edge philosophy.

[button link=”http://unapen.com/products/business-consulting”] Read More: Business Consulting[/button]

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[button link=”http://unapen.com/it-services/itcomplete”]  Read More: ITComplete™ Managed IT Services[/button]

[button link=”http://unapen.com/it-services/it-business-continuity”]  Read More: ITComplete DATASAFE™ Data Backup & Disaster Recovery[/button]


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January 29, 2012 UPAdmin

At UNAPEN Inc. we believe in your business, your clients and our products

UNAPEN, Inc. is a nationally recognized consulting and software development firm that provides software and technical consulting to the Financial Services Industry. Our motto; People. Process. Technology.

Thank you for visiting our website today. To learn more about our software products, IT solutions and consulting services, please contact us. We look forward to learning about your company and how UNAPEN can help.


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January 29, 2011 UPAdmin

UNAPEN has a 100% Success Rate

UNAPEN has been a steadfast source of up-to-the minute information for our clients for over 20 years. We believe in People. Process. Technology. Our intimate knowledge of technology, asset management, contemporary software vendors, and industry trends makes us a sage guide for financial firms looking to streamline and improve their portfolio accounting systems and IT structure.

UNAPEN has a 100% success rate in selecting and migrating our clients across all major portfolio accounting systems, including Advent Axys® and APX®, CheckFree®, SunGard®, INDATA®, Princeton Financial®, Schwab Performance Technologies®, Albridge®, and Thomson Reuters®.

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November 14, 2008 David Gemma No comments exist

UNAPEN CEO will discuss “Ride the Tide: Shoring up your Firm’s Finances with Best-in-Class Fee Billing” from November 20–22, 2008

Wallingford, CT: November 14, 2008—Joseph Walker, CEO of UNAPEN, Inc. will participate in the Partner Panel during the upcoming Redi2 Annual Client Conference, to be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The panel will address billing practices and standards while exploring how Redi2 fee billing software can help firms navigate today’s turbulent market currents. The conference will also discuss new features and functionalities of Redi2 Revenue Manager™ and share how clients are using Revenue Manager to directly impact their firm’s finances and operations.

UNAPEN has seen a steadily growing stream of requests for help in tackling challenges related to fee billing and revenue management for Institutional and High Net Worth clients. Walker will share his insight on moving from passive revenue collection to active revenue management and how integrating revenue analysis with ClientLogix provides a truly comprehensive way of seeing and managing your clients and distribution channels. The resulting knowledge and insight enables firms to focus on their most important channels and relationships for asset growth and retention.