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March 6, 2014 David Gemma

Family Offices Struggling

We see a steady increase in the number of Family Offices struggling to accurately and efficiently manage family assets across multiple data sources. A wide range of systems are being utilized to store and share data in these offices, often with little to no integration beyond manual user entry. This not only wastes precious time but more importantly, increases the risk of data entry errors that can have a significant impact downstream.

Recently a Family Office out of New York approached Family Office Metrics with this exact problem in the hope that they could be directed to a firm capable of addressing their lack of integration between QuickBooks™ and the Advent AXYS® portfolio accounting system. Family Office Metrics quickly identified UNAPEN Inc. as an ideal candidate given their 20+ years of experience with data integration and the extensive industry expertise of their staff. (more…)

October 22, 2013 David Gemma No comments exist
Article by Robert Harriss of UNAPEN


The Challenges of QuickBooks Integration

For many firms out there, Intuit QuickBooks™ data entry and reconciliation with other financial systems is a necessity. Unfortunately, this necessity carries the burden of manual data entry costing valuable time and resources. The root of the problem is that out-of-the-box solutions cannot meet the needs of most clients, there are too many variables:

  1. Accounting Systems,
  2. Posting Direction,
  3. Data Transformation,
  4. Client-Specific Logic,
  5. Network Security, etc.

Hearing and responding to the needs of clients and prospects, UNAPEN has been leveraging our extensive knowledge and background in the area of integrating financial systems to create tailor-made, affordable solutions that ease this burden. (more…)