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June 29, 2012 MaryAnne Rode 1 comment

Start with assessment:

Assess the situation- Take stock of what you have for technology.    How old is the technology you are using.  How long has it been since anyone has performed an audit on the technology?

Assess yourself and your practice- Is the technology used by all people in the company or just some?  How much does your company rely on the technology? (more…)

April 9, 2012 UNAPEN Desk No comments exist

 What’s a UNAPEN?

Well, I can assure you that we don’t sell pens!  Let me start with where the name UNAPEN came from:  UNAPEN stands for “Unified Application Environments” and taking from the name, our approach is to integrate, unify and centralize data from your key systems (typically portfolio accounting, trading, email, document management, etc.) and then provide a single interface to help run your business and provide crucial business insight into your firm and your clients.

 Now…what do we do?

 UNAPEN has 3 major lines of business that are closely linked:    (more…)

February 1, 2012 UPAdmin

Knowledge, Products & Solutions for Financial Services Industry

Our Financial Services and Technology professionals truly know your business, industry and the infrastructure you depend on. We provide a full-range of products, services and solutions tailored specifically for the Financial Services Industry. UNAPEN will help you evaluate and implement the technology that is right for you.

With UNAPEN, you receive the stability of proven technology with the power of leading edge philosophy.

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