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July 13, 2017 David Gemma

PriceFusion Quarterly Bulletin

Pricing and Reference Data Interface Connects Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) to Thomson Reuters DataScope Select



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Thomson Reuters DataScope Select Data Service Enhanced with the UNAPEN PriceFusion Automated Delivery Adapter

The response from members of the Advent Community using the service and even those still exploring the solution have been fantastic. Our clients influence & drive innovation so we are proud to announce the latest enhancements to the PriceFusion adapter, included with the Thomson Reuters DataScope Select Data Service.

Years Serving the Advent Community

Features & Updates

Security Type Filtering

Security Type Filtering options for task processing adds to flexibility

Missing Prices

Ability to only process Missing Prices to supplement existing custodial or 3rd party data feeds

Shares Outstanding

Extended Shares Outstanding Sec Info data results & mapping options

Optimized Index Routines

Optimized Index Routines for efficiency and system performance

Multi-Index Mapping

Support Multi-Index Mapping to Singular Identifier

Historical Pricing

New Historical Pricing feature to automate the retrieval and import of a price date in the past

Currency Scaling Toggle

New Currency Scaling Toggle for Security Pricing

User Defined Fields

Expanded Sec Info coverage to include User Defined 1-3 fields

"PriceFusion has automated several tedious yet business-critical tasks and has been a tremendous product for our firm. We worked with UNAPEN during implementation to configure PriceFusion to update our APX system both intra-day and end-of-day and their decades of experience in integrating with Advent portfolio accounting systems really paid off!"

- Multi-Strategy Asset Manager

UNAPEN product questions, PriceFusion questions


What functional syntax can I use as part of my data processing or command line execution of the various tasks in PriceFusion?

Example:  PriceFusion.exe PDI P = Pricing,  M = Missing Prices,  I = Indexes, E = Sec Info Updates,  R = Rates,  S = Splits, 
D = Dividends,  F = Factors,  Q = Intraday Pricing  
and M = Missing Prices

April 20, 2017 David Gemma

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January 16, 2017 David Gemma

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October 26, 2016 David Gemma

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July 9, 2012 David Gemma No comments exist

HNWI & Institutional vs. Wrap/SMA

CRM solutions for investment management have mainly focused on High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) and Institutional clients, but firms running Wrap/SMA business are stuck trying to shoe-horn their relationships with sponsors, branches and FA’s into a relationship structure that doesn’t really fit.  What’s worse is when I hear the exasperation of Wrap/SMA managers that have been searching for a CRM solution.  First they have to explain their business to the CRM vendor, then they to go into a demo and find out that they are looking at a HNWI system that comes with only promises that it can be adapted to handle Wrap/SMA relationships.

CRM built for Wrap/SMA

It’s a great feeling when you (more…)

April 28, 2011 UPAdmin

 UNAPEN announces Robert Harriss as Application Services Manager

Wallingford, CT: Thursday, April 28, 2011—UNAPEN Inc., a nationally recognized consulting and software development firm specializing in financial services—announced today the appointment of Robert Harriss to the position of Application Services Manager.

In his new role, Mr. Harriss will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Application Services group that provides code construction, unit testing and release processes for custom development, R&D and release-based software products. He will provide direction and management to teams of software developers and Business Analysts. Additionally, he will oversee UNAPEN’s Project Management Office (PMO) which coordinates the allocation, scheduling and reporting related to resources for all projects.

Joseph Walker, UNAPEN’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, stated “Rob has grown into a seasoned professional, a leader respected by our clients and his peers. This promotion will benefit both our clients and the company, as UNAPEN continues to experience strong growth in both its market reach and product offerings.”

Mr. Harriss has been with UNAPEN for over twelve years and has held several positions within the company including his most recent position of Lead Project Manager. In that role, he was responsible for many successful ClientLogix™ CRM and ClientRep™ Reporting product implementations integrated with major portfolio accounting systems from Fiserv, SunGard, Advent Software, Schwab Performance Technologies and Thomson Reuters.

Mr. Harriss commented that, “This is an exciting time for me, UNAPEN and the entire technology industry. Assuming a more prominent role within such a premier solution provider for financial services is really an honor and I’m looking forward to helping guide and nurture the truly innovative atmosphere at UNAPEN.”

UNAPEN, founded in 1991, provides solutions tailored for wealth managers & family offices, bank & trusts, and Institutional managers. UNAPEN’s technology and financial services experts specialize in streamlining operations and workflow across organizations to help your business grow assets, minimize overhead and provide you a strategic competitive edge over other firms. UNAPEN offers CRM and automated client reporting software, managed IT services, business continuity, custom development, systems integration and strategic consulting.


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January 29, 2011 UPAdmin

UNAPEN has a 100% Success Rate

UNAPEN has been a steadfast source of up-to-the minute information for our clients for over 20 years. We believe in People. Process. Technology. Our intimate knowledge of technology, asset management, contemporary software vendors, and industry trends makes us a sage guide for financial firms looking to streamline and improve their portfolio accounting systems and IT structure.

UNAPEN has a 100% success rate in selecting and migrating our clients across all major portfolio accounting systems, including Advent Axys® and APX®, CheckFree®, SunGard®, INDATA®, Princeton Financial®, Schwab Performance Technologies®, Albridge®, and Thomson Reuters®.

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