Software Solutions, Workflow/Process Automation & IT/CyberSecurity Services that help businesses & organizations grow revenue, not overhead!

Celebrating over 30 years

as a Trusted Provider serving Financial Services, Non-Profits, Attorneys, Educational Institutions, Healthcare & Manufacturing!


Software, Process/Workflow & Systems Integration Solutions Customized to Meet Your Needs

Our solutions are tailored to boost profitability, improve employee productivity and operational efficiency, streamline internal systems, bolster client service and increase client satisfaction.


Comprehensive MSP Services to Protect Your Business, Your Clients, & Your Ability to Serve Them

Take the stress and expense out of managing your IT. With any one of our fixed-cost Managed IT Services packages, you can run your business every day knowing that your IT infrastructure is secure, stable and up-to-date.


Reduce Manual Effort - Integrate Systems & Centralize Information

Eliminate Manual Errors – Streamline & Automate Workflows & Tasks

Improve Client Satisfaction – Implement CRM to Facilitate Client Service

Provide Management Insight – Deliver Holistic Reporting & Dashboards

Increase Total Revenue – Grow Your Client Base with Less Overhead

Keep Systems Running Smoothly - IT Support & Maintenance

Avoid Data Loss - Local & Cloud Data Backup

Recover Quickly from Work Stoppages - Disaster Recovery

Protect from Malicious Actors – Cyber Security Suite

Modernize & Streamline - Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration


Specializing in Financial Services & Non-Profit Organizations.


What Sets over 10% of the CNBC Top 100 Financial Advisory Firms of 2022 and 2023 Apart from the Other 39,000?

They've Relied on UNAPEN Solutions to Get Them There!

 Specializing in Financial Services, Non-Profit Organizations, Attorneys, Educational Institutions, HealthCare & Manufacturing.


We're pleased to announce that the ITComplete team at UNAPEN has received recognition for their hard work, dedication and superior performance from our clients and by UpCity, a member of the Gartner family.  Read the press release here.

Teams Drives Collaboration & Efficiency Across the Entire Firm

Your employees need to create, collaborate and show results while working with a diverse group of people from both inside and outside the company.

Why not do it all in one place?

Teams provides a shared workspace for all applications, conversations, files, and third-party services.

UNAPEN: 3 Decades of Experience

Guiding Financial Services Firms, Non-Profit Organizations, Attorneys, Educational Institutions, HealthCare & Manuacturing to New Levels of Success!

“I often hear that with the right technology, a business can overcome any functional issue – a misconception that seems to drive far too many technology initiatives.

The real requirement is a capable team of people that understand and agree on a process that brings results.

Those people and that set of processes need to be supported by the right technology, otherwise the people and the process turn into slaves to the technology….”

-Joseph Walker, Co-Founder, UNAPEN, Inc.