What’s a UNAPEN?

April 9, 2012 UNAPEN Desk

 What’s a UNAPEN?

Well, I can assure you that we don’t sell pens!  Let me start with where the name UNAPEN came from:  UNAPEN stands for “Unified Application Environments” and taking from the name, our approach is to integrate, unify and centralize data from your key systems (typically portfolio accounting, trading, email, document management, etc.) and then provide a single interface to help run your business and provide crucial business insight into your firm and your clients.

 Now…what do we do?

 UNAPEN has 3 major lines of business that are closely linked:   

  1. Strategic Consulting – guiding new startup firms through technology selection and implementation, as well as helping established firms retool to be more efficient and competitive   https://unapen.com/products/business-consulting
  2. Networking,  IT Outsourcing, Cyber Security & Business Continuity – design, implementation and ongoing security/maintenance/backup of networks and information residing on them to make them highly secure, reliable and available   https://unapen.com/it-services
  3. Software Solutions – custom applications, data integrations and software products like CRM and Client Reporting to boost profitability, improve employee productivity, streamline internal systems and increase client satisfaction   https://unapen.com/products

 And who do we do it for?  Many of our clients used to say things like: 

  • We don’t have enough portfolio accounting system licenses for all users and we are tired of spending on those expensive licenses
  • We can’t get at the information we need without asking others to help
  • We are always playing catch-up, we are never ahead of the latest business trends
  • Our people out in the field can’t get access to the information they need
  • Our data is scattered across various systems, we have no single place to see all the information
  • Our management reports take forever
  • Tracking and managing new prospects and lead sources is impossible
  • Tasks are slipping through the cracks or not being completed in a timely manner and no one knows who is supposed to be doing them
  • Client service is not team oriented, only one person knows all the critical information about a client
  • Data is manually entered into multiple systems sometimes over and over again

Well, if any of this sounds familiar then call UNAPEN at 203-269-6111 for information on how we can help!

David Gemma is a Managing Director and CMO at UNAPEN, Inc.

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