Sage SalesLogix given CRM “leader” status by Forrester Research

July 23, 2012 David Gemma

Sage SalesLogix Ranks High

2 weeks ago Forrester Research, Inc. released a report for Q3 2012 that evaluated the top CRM suites for midsize organizations and described it as “The 18 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up“ .  They used 400 product feature, platform and market presence criteria to asses each solution and then ranked them.

ClientLogix Built on CRM Leader – SalesLogix

Eight CRM software products earned Forrester’s “leader” status.  One of these CRM leaders was Sage SalesLogix, the foundation for the UNAPEN ClientLogix product.  Forrester’s high level explanation for giving leader status to SalesLogix was that “Sage SalesLogix is proven and user friendly”.

Extensive Track Record and User Base

Time and user counts bear this out when you see that SalesLogix has been a leader in the CRM market for well over a decade and has more than 300,000 users worldwide.  The advanced customization capabilities of the product allow us to integrate portfolio accounting data to create a specialized CRM and Business Intelligence platform designed for investment management – ClientLogix.

David Gemma is a Managing Director and CMO at UNAPEN, Inc.   (What’s a UNAPEN?)

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  1. I have to agree with you on your two classic problems for CRM implementation. I have seen companies that don’t have the right people involved when researching for the right CRM solution. When I encounter an executive, I usually recommend they bring on a salesperson or two to help evaluate whether the CRM solution will be a good fit for their workflow.As for poor deployment, it usually comes down to budget. The company has spent so much time and money on researching the right solution, that sometimes skimp on the provider’s trainings. This is always the case, but it’s more often than not. Without the proper training, the sales team cannot see the benefits of the system and will be less likely to adopt.

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