Saleslogix CRM shifts into overdrive with acquisition by Infor

September 2, 2014 David Gemma

Infor Acquisition of Saleslogix

Saleslogix is moving into a new and significant phase of product evolution with the announcement that Infor is acquiring the product and its 100 or so employees from Swiftpage.  The reason that I am writing about this is because Saleslogix is the foundation for the UNAPEN ClientLogix CRM and Business Intelligence solution which specifically tailors Saleslogix for investment management.

When Swiftpage acquired Saleslogix, they focused their efforts on successfully enhancing the HTML5 mobile and web clients.  Infor, the third largest private technology company in the world, has announced that they intend to apply their sizeable resources to enhance Saleslogix with an industry-specific focus.  They will rename Saleslogix to Infor CRM as it takes a prominent position within the Inform enterprise product suite.

Turbo-charging Saleslogix

Infor CEO Charles Phillips has an eclectic professional background that includes the Marines, Morgan Stanley and President of Oracle, and has not been shy about spending on technology at Infor, putting over $1 billion into evolving the Infor technology platform over the past few years.  His stated plans are to disrupt the software market, see Infor goes after the cloud CRM big boys with Saleslogix acquisition.

Saleslogix on-premise, web and mobile clients can all look forward to an updated interface and UX(user experience) and UNAPEN is excited to be a part of this market-changing event.

Check out the Infor infographic below, along with further details from the PCWorld report Infor goes up against with SalesLogix acquisition.

Infor corp stats

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