Has Your Firm Outgrown Simple Contact Management?

January 20, 2012 UPAdmin

 UNAPEN is Offering Discounts on Upgrades from Basic Contact Management

UNAPEN, Inc. is offering discounts on upgrades from basic contact management systems such as Act®, Qube®, Goldmine®, Outlook® or Excel® to its enterprise client relationship management (CRM) system—ClientLogix™. UNAPEN’s ClientLogix CRM system facilitates asset growth and client acquisition, helping you work smarter and more efficiently instead of falling victim to an overload of information. As your firm grows, or gears up for growth, it is important to be able to handle all the new client information. Upgrading from basic contact management to a full CRM system specifically designed for investment management is instrumental to your continued success because it allows you to manage the complete client and portfolio lifecycle.

ClientLogix, built on the world renowned Swiftpage Saleslogix®, tailors your CRM for the financial services industry by integrating your portfolio accounting system and other critical information with your clients’ demographics and communications history. This allows you to have a truly holistic view of your clients’ relationships and their portfolios—in a single, unified application. No longer do you have to ask IT to run several reports when you need a single piece of information. You can be proactively notified about critical information or simply look up what you need in ClientLogix, allowing you to quickly answer questions over the phone or find all of the necessary information to send an informed email or letter to your client in a timely manner.

Call (203) 269-6111 or Email today to see how valuable ClientLogix will be to your firm with its ability to offer you insight-not just hindsight-into your business, your clients and their assets.


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