CRM – 6 Steps to Ensuring a Culture of Compliance

January 28, 2016 David Gemma

6 Steps to Ensuring a Culture of Compliance

Over the past 15 years of providing enterprise CRM solutions to Investment Advisory firms, it was always the Chief Compliance Officers that were the most excited about a new CRM solution.

Step 4 in the following article, Breaking Down Silos, explains exactly why:

       1) Fostering collaboration between business units,

       2) Consolidating data from across the firm into a centralized portal to identify key trends & constantly monitor & proactively alert Compliance Officers of (potential) issues.

Automating Compliance Monitoring

There is just too much information for a CCO to sift through manually.  The right CRM helps people from different business units around the firm to work cohesively, prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks, avoid errors and provide a higher level of client service.

Combine that with automated Compliance monitoring of all key data and your firm will evolve from being completely reactionary to actually having some foresight that can help to avoid Compliance and Client Relationship issues.

David Gemma is a Managing Director and CMO at UNAPEN, Inc. (What’s a UNAPEN?)

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