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March 27, 2016 David Gemma

Business Continuity Solutions in Financial Services since 1995

UNAPEN, Inc. has been a premier solution provider in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery(BCDR) business for over 2 decades.  We initially provided these services for investment management firms with over $10 billion in assets under management(AUM), and then scaled our solution down by a magnitude to be able to provide the same services for firms with $1 billion AUM around the turn of the century.

The problem was that over 80% of RIA firms are below the $1 billion mark, but they have the same needs and have to adhere to the same SEC guidelines for BCDR as their larger counterparts.

A few years ago, UNAPEN partnered with Datto to create ITComplete DataSafe, and because of that partnership, we have been able to cost-effectively scale our solution down by another magnitude to firms with $100 million AUM.  Advances in technology have now enabled the majority of the RIA community to afford the same comprehensive local and remote data backup and data replication/restoration strategies from hardened, bi-coastal facilities that the big firms use(all data residing on US soil) – truly a dream-come-true that levels the playing field for most of the industry.

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Business Continuity for Non-Profit Organizations(NPO)

As our success grew in the investment management industry, partners at these firms asked us if we could help out in other industries.  Many of these partners sit on Boards for NPO and these organizations had limited budgets, but, like the smaller RIA community, have the same needs as larger organizations.  UNAPEN met the challenge and extended our BCDR solutions to the NPO community and offered reduced pricing to reflect our appreciation for the great services that these NPO are providing and in recognition of their budgetary limitations.

Business Continuity for Any Industry

With our success in the NPO arena, the UNAPEN BCDR solution is now industry-agnostic – we provide these long-tested solutions to any firm/company/organization with a minimum of 10 computers which can be any combination of workstations, servers, laptops, and tablets.

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David Gemma is a Managing Director and CMO at UNAPEN, Inc. (What’s a UNAPEN?)

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