CRM – Addressing the needs of the Wrap/SMA Industry

May 3, 2017 David Gemma
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CRM Solutions Challenged by Complex Wrap/SMA Relationships

HNWI & Institutional vs. Wrap/SMA

CRM solutions for investment management have mainly focused on High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) and Institutional clients, but firms running Wrap/SMA business are stuck trying to shoe-horn their relationships with sponsors, branches and FA’s into a relationship structure that doesn’t really fit.

What’s worse is when I hear the exasperation of Wrap/SMA managers that have been searching for a CRM solution. First they have to explain their business to the CRM vendor, then they to go into a demo and find out that they are looking at a HNWI system that comes with only promises that it can be adapted to handle Wrap/SMA relationships.

Let’s Take a Trip

How do your wholesalers currently plan a trip?
  • Do they know how much business in each strategy has been gained or lost in the past quarter or year for a specific branch or FA?
  • Are they aware of which FA’s in each branch are trending up or down, and which are not doing any business with them at all?
  • How much more business could they create if they had this information at their fingertips?

Stop wasting time and money chasing information and trying to figure out what’s happening with your products and distribution channels. It’s a complex business and a tool that’s fit-to-task will provide insight into where you are successful and where you need to focus within an intricate web of products, sponsors, branch offices and financial advisors.

CRM Built for Wrap/SMA

It’s a great feeling when you show up with a product like ClientLogix CRM and these same managers breathe a sigh of relief and say “Finally, someone who knows our business and has the relationships that we need as part of their standard demo!”

And with pre-built data connectors into major portfolio accounting systems along with the flexibility to adapt to the highly variable data formats from sponsor platforms, business trends/flows and relationships that used to be nebulous are now clearly visible.

Providing this type of insight for both management and wholesalers can make a significant difference in the success of your firm.