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July 10, 2018 David Gemma
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PriceFusion Quarterly Bulletins

Pricing and Reference Data Interface Connects Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) and Advent Axys® to Thomson Reuters DataScope Select

Thomson Reuters DataScope Select Data Service Enhanced with the UNAPEN PriceFusion Automated Delivery Adapter

The response from members of the Advent Community using the service and even those still exploring the solution have been fantastic. Our clients influence & drive innovation so we are proud to announce the latest enhancements to the PriceFusion adapter, included with the Thomson Reuters DataScope Select Data Service.

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Features & Updates

UNAPEN PriceFusion™ Bulletin - June 2018

Premium Pricing

New Premium Pricing template access and task processing

Forecasted Dividends

Forecasted Dividend configuration menu options for maintenance and processing

Issue Size

New Security Information mapping for Issue Size field

State Mapping

Enhanced State mapping logic to support multi-template access

Spot & Forward Rates

Re-Design of the Spot and Forward Rate Mapping and Configuration options

Historical Data

New Historical Spot and Forward Rate task processing

New Security Setup

Additional Security Information task for New Security Setup with isolated mapping and scheduler

Corporate Actions

Incorporated additional Delete Markers for Corporate Actions

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"Due to our back-office workflow, we would prefer to run dividends manually, a few times per month, once our prerequisite tasks are complete. Is this a viable workflow with PriceFusion?"

While most users prefer to schedule the dividend processing task to run unattended on a daily schedule, users do have the ability to run the task manually from the File menu.

PriceFusion is designed to remember the last time dividends were run successfully; this ensures you will pull down any dividends that went 'EX' since your last run, helping to avoid missed records and duplication.

UNAPEN PriceFusion™ Bulletin - February 2018

Advent Axys® Support

Same level of service, functionality and results for Axys & APX

Spot & Forward Rates

Complete flexibility over RICs assigned to each Spot & Forward interval currency

Price Set Assignment

Available for processing data via the EOD, Missing & Historical Pricing tasks

Historical Pricing

Extending beyond the 1,000 security limit for single day processing

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I am trying to look up security information data that is not commonly consumed by the masses. Do I have access to data beyond the standard fields currently integrated for download via PriceFusion?

Yes! Your packaged solution includes access to two platform interfaces, PriceFusion and the DataScope Select Web Interface. The DSS Web GUI allows a user to quickly look up and extract security data in bulk or on a case by case basis. Quick access to hundreds of data points that are readily available for review and/or download.

UNAPEN PriceFusion™ Bulletin - November 2017

New Mapping & Configuration

Added flexibility when working with
EOD, Intraday, Missing & Historical pricing tasks

Cash Dividends

Added toggle settings to process CSA (Cash Dividend with Stock Alternative), SCA & CCS records as Cash Dividends

Local Server Time Zone

Updated configuration menu to include local server time zone settings

Security Type Filter

All Security Type Filter forms prompt for save ONLY when changes are made to the form

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Can I download data from our custodians or other data sources while using the PriceFusion integration?

Absolutely! PriceFusion works well in place of, and in conjunction with, other data processing feeds.

Tasks scheduled in PriceFusion can be configured to run against specific Groups, Security Types and even just Missing Prices for instances where you simply wish to "fill in the gaps" left by other sources on a daily basis.

UNAPEN PriceFusion™ Bulletin - July 2017

Security Type Filtering

Security Type Filtering options for task processing adds to flexibility

Missing Prices

Ability to only process Missing Prices to supplement existing custodial or 3rd party data feeds

Shares Outstanding

Extended Shares Outstanding Sec Info data results & mapping options

Optimized Index Routines

Optimized Index Routines for efficiency and system performance

Multi-Index Mapping

Support Multi-Index Mapping to Singular Identifier

Historical Pricing

New Historical Pricing feature to automate the retrieval and import of a price date in the past

Currency Scaling Toggle

New Currency Scaling Toggle for Security Pricing

User Defined Fields

Expanded Sec Info coverage to include User Defined 1-3 fields

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What functional syntax can I use as part of my data processing or command line execution of the various tasks in PriceFusion?

Example:  PriceFusion.exe PDI P = Pricing,  M = Missing Prices,  I = Indexes, E = Sec Info Updates,  R = Rates,  S = Splits,  D = Dividends,  F = Factors,  Q = Intraday Pricing and M = Missing Prices

"PriceFusion has automated several tedious yet business-critical tasks and has been a tremendous product for our firm. We worked with UNAPEN during implementation to configure PriceFusion to update our APX system both intra-day and end-of-day and their decades of experience in integrating with Advent portfolio accounting systems really paid off!"

- Multi-Strategy Asset Manager