How Predictive Analytics Boosts Internal & External Wholesaling Effectiveness

July 17, 2017 David Gemma


“Tier one Asset Managers are already starting to adopt predictive analytics as part of an effort to increase internal and external wholesaling effectiveness but we are far from where the industry should be.” observes Cesar Pereira from Infor as he discusses how Data Science is changing the game.  

– Check out Cesar’s article here

ClientLogix Combined with Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM

Blending your financial data in context with client and prospect demographic data, then applying predictive analytics can drive the efficiency of both internal and external wholesalers in the following ways:

+  Indicate which clients are most likely to purchase in the next 30 days

+  Provide insight into which fund they are likely to purchase

+  Proactive notification of client attrition

+  Drive more meaningful conversations and interactions


Every asset management firm has a different value proposition, otherwise there would be only one asset manager. Most CRM vendors want you to adapt to their system, which seems arrogant to us.  Here at UNAPEN, we have a staff of industry experts that recognizes the unique value that you provide to your clients and helps adapt and integrate our ClientLogix CRM with not only the information from your core systems, but also with the way you do business.

ClientLogix is flexible enough to accommodate how you work as a team, and prioritizes your actions to optimize your success and your clients’ satisfaction. Don’t spend time trying to figure out where information is or what to do next, that’s what computers are for… ClientLogix proactively pushes information to Compliance, Operations, Portfolio Managers, Executives, Sales and Marketing teams to make them work as a cohesive team.

Experience the difference ClientLogix can make in bringing your firm to the next tier of growth and success.