*Employees are Your Biggest Risk! 4 Tips for Safe ‘Work from Home’ Computing

March 24, 2020 David Gemma


Use a different password to log into your remote access systems than is used for either your email or your work PC.

Allowing a hacker to get one password and then being able to access everything is a common mistake people make.


Use 2 factor authentication(2FA) BUT do not use email for the second factor. Instead the best second factor is an authentication app or, the next best is a text to your cell phone.

Using email allows a hacker full access if your email profile is ever compromised.

Close the Connection

When you aren’t using the remote session, log off and close the connection.

No reason to keep the connection open unnecessarily, which may also help if your firm has limited remote connections.

Lock Your Computer

Always log off or lock your remote PC when you are not actively using it.

Otherwise, the hacker again, just needs one password to take over your work computer and wreak havoc on your business.