*The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

August 24, 2021 David Gemma

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

Stay One Step Ahead Of Potential Disasters

With Hurricane Henri just moving offshore, it's time to regroup and make sure that your firm is better prepared for the next storm in this increasingly active 2021 season.

Prepare yourself before disaster strikes.

When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery(BDR), being prepared for potential disasters is key to keep your business running.

It’s not only important to have a disaster recovery solution you trust, but to make sure you test it as well.

Keep this DR checklist on hand.


Questions to ask prior to a disaster ever occurring (and
unfortunately it’s a matter of when and not if)

The disaster moment has occurred—time to walk through the following steps

Review this checklist and if you'd like some help, UNAPEN is a call away and ready to help!     203.269.6111

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