AI Webinar: UNAPEN Sponsors “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Using AI to Propel Your Organization’s Growth”, hosted by the Technology Council of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

September 15, 2023 David Gemma

“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Using AI to Propel Your Organization’s Growth”

Join us for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Virtual Lunch & Learn!

Join us for a high-level presentation that is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about this cutting-edge technology!

There’s more to AI than ChatGPT.  Join us for an inside scoop on how forward-thinking organizations are adopting AI to increase efficiency and scale growth.

In the realm of artificial intelligence, the horizon stretches far beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT alone!

  • Our expert speakers, Rock Vitale, CEO of Easie and Jack Marchese, Founder of, will show you how diverse industries are leveraging AI's capabilities.
  • You'll learn how AI not only streamlines processes but also fosters innovation and amplifies scalability.
  • We'll explore AI's multifaceted impact on efficiency enhancement and sustainable growth.

Topics will include:

  • AI in marketing, branding, and web design
  • AI content creation and moderation
  • AI in research and data analysis
  • Emerging AI tools

And more...


David Gemma, UNAPEN CEO/CMO would like to thank you all for joining us for our September webinar on Artificial Intelligence hosted by the Technology Council of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce.David Gemma, UNAPEN

UNAPEN is a proud sponsor of the Technology Council, a consortium of vendors whose products and services help Connecticut businesses grow.

UNAPEN is a Connecticut high tech firm that, over the past 30+ years, has been helping Connecticut businesses go faster, safer.

Go faster – means Operational Efficiency, we integrate key systems, centralize data, automate workflows and reduce manual effort so businesses can scale.

Go safer – means protect your business with IT services, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security services to make sure your systems are available and running smoothly and securely

And AI is helping to improve these efforts behind the scenes.

AI sifts thru mountains of data quicker and with more accuracy than prior technologies.

Healthcare is a great example of how researchers and doctors can now scan thru millions of permutations to find new ways to create better antibiotics, or scan thru test results so doctors can begin treatments sooner and with fewer errors.

Cyber security tools identify and detect attacks in real-time and help our IT experts identify trends and threats that enable them to take preventative action.

For decades, UNAPEN has recognized that businesses across many industries can’t keep up with the ever growing mountains of data.

So we’ve applied software technology to automatically search and proactively present key information to the right people at the right time, making everyone more efficient and effective.

I hope you enjoy our September AI webinar and come away with a better understanding of the variety of solutions in the ever-growing landscape of AI.

Thank you.

Learn more here & reach out if you’d like to talk to the IT experts at UNAPEN, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner.

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