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April 17, 2024 David Gemma

UNAPEN, Inc. is a proud member and sponsor of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Technology Council, a consortium of vendors whose products and services help Connecticut businesses grow.
I hope you attend our panel discussion “Cyber Security Basics: Practical Ideas and Solutions for Your Organization” and come away with a better understanding of how to boost your cyber security stance on a budget.
This round table will be moderated by Joan Walker, UNAPEN COO/CFO and boasts a panel of experts in the field of Cyber Security, including me.
Thank you.
David Gemma, UNAPEN, Inc. CEO/CMO

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January 19, 2024 David Gemma

UNAPEN, Inc. is a proud member and sponsor of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Technology Council, a consortium of vendors whose products and services help Connecticut businesses grow.
I hope you attend our round table discussion “Beyond Buzzwords: Practical AI Applications for Business Excellence” and come away with a better understanding of how AI is and will be helping and also changing how business work.
This round table will be moderated by Joan Walker, UNAPEN COO/CFO and boasts a panel of experts in the field of AI.
Thank you.
David Gemma, UNAPEN, Inc. CEO/CMO

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November 17, 2023 David Gemma

The evidence that #cyberresilience is linked to #profitability is mounting. Go to to learn how UNAPEN can help you: – Protect your vulnerable endpoints from cybercriminals – Avoid network passwords from being compromised – Raise the cyber awareness of your employees

November 13, 2023 David Gemma

FREE EVENT – The 2023 Big Connect Business to Business Expo in New Haven Wednesday November 15, 2023 Step into a world of innovation, growth and unparalleled business opportunities! At the event, attend the Artificial Intelligence panel discussion, moderated by Joan Walker, Managing Director at UNAPEN, Inc., and visit the UNAPEN team at our Booth.

September 15, 2023 David Gemma

UNAPEN, Inc. is a proud member and sponsor of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Technology Council, a consortium of vendors whose products and services help Connecticut businesses grow.
I hope you enjoy today’s webinar “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Using AI to Propel Your Organization’s Growth” and come away with a better understanding of the variety of solutions in the ever-growing landscape of AI.
And look for upcoming webinars on topics such as Cyber Security from the GNHCC Technology Council.
Thank you.
David Gemma, UNAPEN, Inc. CEO/CMO

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September 6, 2023 David Gemma

The hybrid work model is now the norm across almost every industry—and UNAPEN can help position your business with work-from-anywhere trends, best practices, challenges and strategies. Let us help you optimize your hybrid work model. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to learn how you can mitigate hybrid work challenges and boost the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees.

May 31, 2023 David Gemma

UNAPEN, Inc. is a proud member and sponsor of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Technology Council, a consortium of vendors whose products and services help Connecticut businesses grow.
I hope you enjoy today’s webinar “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: From Origins to Horizons” and come away with a better understanding of the past, present and future landscape of AI.
And look for upcoming webinars on topics such as Cyber Security from the GNHCC Technology Council.
Thank you.
David Gemma, UNAPEN, Inc. CEO/CMO

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February 7, 2023 David Gemma

The most effective cloud strategies coexist with other initiatives, Gartner advises. What’s the best way to ensure alignment? Start by avoiding the 10 mistakes highlighted here 👇 Looking for additional guidance for your firm’s cloud strategy, contact the experts at UNAPEN!

August 31, 2022 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for July/August 2022
– Patch: Apple Security Flaws,
– CyberSecurity: Charity & Disaster Scams,
– Guide: Hybrid Work Guide for Leaders,
– Trends: 5 Urgent Business Trends for Leaders,
– Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence & Analytics

June 30, 2022 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for May/June 2022
– Webinar: MS Teams for Small Business,
– CyberSecurity: Untrained Users Are a Ticking Time Bomb,
– Why Everyone should have a Quantum Computer,
– Digitalization to Improve the Wealth Client Experience,
– Get the 2022 Security Awareness Report

December 9, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for November/December 2021
– Digitalization of Wealth Mgmt, – Shop Online Securely,
– Tech & Ops Trends in Wealth Mgmt,
– Phishing Attacks Guide,
– Avoid These CyberSecurity Pitfalls
– Affinity Data Repository for Advisors

October 29, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for October 2021
– Franklin Templeton on M365 & Power BI,
– What Sets 10% of the Top 100 Financial Advisory Firms Apart,
– eBook: Protecting Data from Insider Risk,
– One-Handed Phone Tools & Tricks
– How can Advisors Simplify the Daily Challenges of Client Relationship & Business Mgmt?
– Video: Affinity™ Data Repository for Advisors

August 24, 2021 David Gemma

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist will help you get prepared, learn from any past mistakes and ensure that your firm and your clients’ information is protected. From the UNAPEN ITComplete team!

August 17, 2021 David Gemma

For better or for worse, your data is out there. Attackers will cross multiple domains like email, identity, endpoints, & applications to find the point of least resistance. But with integrated Threat Protection, advanced authentication, & an intelligent hub, Microsoft is making security simple again, freeing your employees to focus on their work, on any device, wherever they are.
Watch this video to learn more & reach out if you’d like to talk to the security experts at UNAPEN.
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June 30, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for June 2021
MS 365 & Azure – AXA Group Accelerates Digital Transformation with Microsoft Cloud
Solution – UNAPEN NetScan Cyber Security Suite Protects Your Firm from Inside & Outside Risk
Financial Crime – A Tough Balancing Act between Compliance and Client Service
Aero Tech – Check out this Nose-to-Tail Tour of the World’s Largest 747 Private Flying Mansion!!
Product Spotlight – Advent Axys & APX Users Now have a Choice for Automated Pricing & Reference Data!
China Tech Funds – The Rise of China Tech Evidenced by Strong Fund Flows
Cyber Security – Vishing: 7 Ways to Spot & Stop Phone Call Attacks & Scams
Monthly Trivia – Elon Musk: SNL, Tesla, SpaceX, Robotics, AI, Prosthetics, Tunnels, Solar, Crypto

March 31, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for March 2021
Tech Tip – Outlook Users Can Drag & Drop Files into Microsoft Teams
Solution – Local & Cloud Backups, Rapid Recovery & Virtual Replication
Dashboards – Embrace MS Power BI Analytics & Reporting
Microsoft Mesh – New Business Meetings in Virtual Reality
Non-Profits – Extended Deadline for Technology Grant Program
Cyber Security – Identity Theft Education: Prevention & Victim Action Items
Free – Workflow Automation Tool “Power Automate Desktop” for Windows 10 Users
Trivia – March Madness Brackets

February 24, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for February 2021
Videos – What is the Microsoft Power BI Platform & How to Get Started
Non-Profit Orgs – New Grant Program Offering $50k in Technology Improvements
Cyber Solution – Keep Your Data Safe & Protected with ITComplete DataSafe
Windows 10 – New Features to Boost PC Security & Privacy
Covid-19 Update – New Artificial Intelligence Tool to Thwart Covid-19
MS Teams – Rolling Out Customizable Branded Lobbies & More
Cyber Response – Have I Been Hacked? Signs & Actions Items
IT – Business Intelligence Begins with Your Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner & Ends with Intelligent Business Solutions
Cyber Security – Learn How to Protect Your Firm
Monthly Trivia – This Firm has had Several Names Over 25 Yrs & is in the News

January 27, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for January 2021
Solution – Aggregate All Your Clients’ Assets & Present a Powerful Visual Story with Affinity & Power BI
Webinar – Refinitiv: Navigating Sanctions During 2021 and Beyond
CyberSecurity – Don’t Be a Victim! Protect Your Firm & Your Clients with ITComplete DataSafe
Tech News – Top Execs Relentlessly Targeted for Extortion by Ransomware Cyber-Gangs
2020 – What Now? How about a Negative Leap Year!
MS Teams – New Email Integration Feature Expected to Result in Serious Time Savings!
CyberSecurity – Home Network Wi-Fi Security Tips
Blog – Power BI Dashboard Tips for Consumers, Creators & Developers
Monthly Trivia – Planets with the Longest & Shortest Days in Our Solar System

January 12, 2021 David Gemma

Infographic – The 4 key strategies from @Microsoft for modernizing your business applications are rehost, refactor, rearchitect, & rebuild. Learn more about these strategies, including when & why to use each, in this informative infographic.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, UNAPEN has 30 years of software development expertise that can quickly help modernize your legacy software systems and/or integrate several of those siloed systems behind a single, modern interface.

The result: your employees will complete tasks far faster with less effort & fewer errors.
If you’d like some guidance, please call us at 203.269.6111, we’d be happy to show you how we’ve helped other firms just like yours!

December 28, 2020 David Gemma

As we look forward to the New Year, the team at UNAPEN, Inc. would also like to express our gratitude for your support in 2020. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a healthy, prosperous New Year!

December 17, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for December 2020
New Tech – Business Analytics: Latest Dashboard Features in Microsoft Power BI
Happy Holidays – UNAPEN Donates to the Connecticut Food Bank
Cyber Security – FireEye Hacked: Breach at 1 of the Largest US Cyber Security Firms
Medical Tech – A NewAge Fountain of Youth
Tech Tips – Helping Family & Friends that may be Technologically Frustrated
Video – Mastering Break-Out Rooms with Microsoft Teams
IT Solution – Breaches Happen Every Day, Learn How to Protect Your Firm
Monthly Trivia – Ringing in the New Year around the Globe

December 9, 2020 David Gemma

It’s changed the lives and success of our clients! For an entry price of $10/month per user, no wonder PowerBI dashboards are taking over every industry. Over 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Power BI, with clients around the world who use 40 petabytes of data every month on a safe and secure platform.

November 25, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for November 2020
Video – Good Cyber Hygiene: Keeping Your Cyber Hands Clean
CRM – Telephony Integration Resurgence to Boost Client Service
Webinar – Refinitiv Labs: Shaping the Future of Finance
Space Tech – 20 yrs of Discoveries on the International Space Station
Slideshow – Top 50 Thanksgiving Recipes with Yummy Looking Photos!
Cyber Attacks – Hackers Rely on Psychology More than Technology
MS Teams – Multi-Account Sign-In Support Coming in December
Product Spotlight – Personalized Client Reporting Designed to Exceed Expectations
Featured Service – Custom Software & Consulting Extends the Reach of Your Firm
Monthly Trivia – Some Fun Stats on the International Space Station

October 22, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for October 2020
SEC Investor Alert – Investment Scams May Seek to Exploit Natural Disasters
Tech – Digitalization of Wealth Management: Learning to Leverage More Digital Wealth Tools
Recorded Webinar – Constant Contact: Making Sense of Online Marketing for Nonprofits
Video – Microsoft’s Underwater Datacenters are Coming
Health – Halloween 2020: CDC Considerations & Supplemental Advice for the Holiday
Cyber Security – October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Get Resources & Info Here
Windows 10 Update – 5 of the Biggest Changes Users Should Expect to See
Product Spotlight – PriceFusion: Automated Pricing & Reference Data for Advent Axys/APX
Featured Service – ITComplete DataSafe: Advanced Back-up, Data Recovery & On-Demand Virtualization
Monthly Trivia – Technology Furthering Corruption in Organized Sports Betting

October 7, 2020 David Gemma

QUIZ: How do you know if your company is secure or at risk of becoming a cybercrime victim? Take this 10-question quiz to find out and get tips for using Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility + Security to address your most pressing security concerns, then contact us to learn how UNAPEN can help.

September 30, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for September 2020
Ransomware – Tesla Targeted in a Bribery-Fueled Attack Last Month
New Tech – Microsoft 365: New Features & Functionality
Webinar – Deal Making in Uncertain Times with Refinitiv
Covid-19 – New Battery Powered Air-Purifying Face Mask
Fun – Board Games are Making a Comeback in a Big Way
Child Safety – Online Security Tips for Kids
Blog – How to Stop Cybercriminals During the Pandemic & Remote Work
Product Spotlight – Personalized Client Reporting Designed to Exceed Expectations
Featured Service – Multi-Stage CyberSecurity Protection & Proactive Detection
Trivia – The Science of Autumn Foliage

September 18, 2020 David Gemma

INFOGRAPHIC – 10 MS Teams Tips to Empower Your WFH Employees
With employees still working from home, fostering virtual connections is crucial. Empower your employees to stay connected and keep business running smoothly by leveraging #MicrosoftTeams.
This infographic shows you how you can help your employees embrace online communication, stay focused on meetings, share content easily, and stay connected with each other.

August 26, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for August 2020
Refinitiv Webinar – Overcoming the Top 3 ESG Data Challenges Facing Investors
Video – Disaster Recovery: Protect Corporate PC’s with Automatic Datto Cloud Backup
Data Breach – Email Compromise at Illinois Healthcare Firm Reveals Personal Info
Gold is the Best – UNAPEN’s Microsoft Gold Partnership Drives Innovation
MS Teams – Expanded Teams’ Features Delivers New Blow to Zoom
Edison vs Tesla – Who was the Better Inventor?
Blog – Gen Z Introduces a Whole New Workforce Dynamic
Cyber Security – Teams/Zoom/GoToMeeting Virtual Conferencing Safety Tips
Video – Artificial Intelligence Elevates Decision-Making in Power BI
Product Spotlight – Pricing & Reference Data Delivery for Advent Axys/APX
Featured Service – Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery
Cyber Security – Breaches Happen Every Day: Learn How to Protect Your Firm
Trivia – Thomas Edison’s Nearly Impossible Employment Test

July 31, 2020 David Gemma

Cybercrime is already on the rise and is expected to cause $6 TRILLION in damages by 2021! But, if history repeats itself, hackers will be out in full force throughout this coronavirus scare. We fully expect in the upcoming weeks that headlines will change from stories about COVID-19 to accounts of a frenzy of cyber-attacks on corporations and small businesses.

July 23, 2020 David Gemma

For the Gen Z army flooding the global talent pool, tech and feedback are a top concern when looking for potential companies to work for. They’ve grown up with instant feedback, and they expect that same feedback at work.

Adopting the right tech solutions can go a long way in helping your managers provide feedback quicker. Tools like Teams allow your employees to co-author documents and make corrections on the fly.

At UNAPEN, Inc., we want to help you plan and adopt the collaborative solution that works best for your application so you can attract the best talent. Contact us today to learn more.

July 22, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for July 2020

Refinitiv Webinar – Managing Financial Crime in the Age of Digital Banking
Tech – Boost Productivity with New Features in Microsoft Edge Browser
Cyber Security – OCIE Cyber Security Risk Alert for Financial Services
Solution – Enhance Windows 10 & O365 Security with ITComplete
Bitcoin Scam – High Profile Twitter Users Targeted in Latest Scam
UNAPEN Solutions – Product Overview, Client Testimonials & Strategic Partners that Help Your Firm Succeed
MS Teams – “Together Mode” Meeting Rooms & Many More Exciting Features Coming Soon
Tech – 20 Cell Phone Features: Google vs Apple… and Who Swiped What from Whom
Blog – Staying Safe & Smart in the Internet-of-Things Era
Ransomware – Breaking Down this Costly Threat & Ways to Protect Against It
MS Power BI – T-Mobile Harnessing the Microsoft Power BI/Apps Platform Amid the Covid Pandemic
Product Spotlight – ClientLogix: Enterprise CRM Designed for the Financial Services Vertical
Featured Service – ITComplete: Worry-Free Managed IT & Professional Support
Monthly Trivia – What & Where is the Oldest Continually Operating Bank in the World?

July 8, 2020 David Gemma

Enhance Security with Windows 10 & Office365, UNAPEN ITComplete Gets You Started!

It takes hackers 4 minutes to get into servers through email attacks. 286 days on average to detect a #security breach and an additional 80 days to repair the damage.

What are you waiting for? Get Modern with UNAPEN, Inc. and @Microsoft today!

Contact UNAPEN about #ITComplete to get started.

June 25, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for June 2020

Tech – Microsoft During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Growing Azure’s Capacity to Help Customers
InfoGraphic – Improve Productivity with Windows 10 & Microsoft 365 Business
eBook – Breakthrough Teamwork Tools: 4 Tips to Identify What Works for You!
FinServ Trends – How ESG Funds Managed to Outperform Other Market Sectors
Solution – Axys/APX Firms Drastically Cutting Monthly Overhead with PriceFusion/Refinitiv
Video – From Sand to Silicon, the Making of a Microchip
Kids – A Fun Science Experiment for Your Little Work-from-Home Helpers
Data Breach – Over 600 California School Districts Investigating Exposure
Cyber Security – 4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Office
Video – How to Manage Meetings with Microsoft Teams
Solution – ITComplete All-in-One: Outsourced IT, BackUp, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security
Monthly Trivia Question – Baseball Math Quiz

June 20, 2020 David Gemma

Video: Teams Training – Even if you and your team are working from home, you still need meetings to keep the business moving. However, meetings—both in-person and virtual can too often be unproductive. For remote meetings both internally and with clients, it’s more important than ever to keep them engaging and productive. Microsoft can show you how. This virtual class from a Microsoft training specialist covers tips to make the most of your #MicrosoftTeams meetings from beginning to end. #ITComplete

June 17, 2020 David Gemma

Infographic – Today, the average employee spends 50% more time collaborating. Yet many still don’t work to their full potential because of disorganized collaboration, file sharing and decision-making processes.

Collaborate in real time and leverage the intelligence of the #cloud with the latest from #Windows 10 and #Office365. @Windows 10 and @Office365 help teams work better together with better tools–from any location.

Contact our team at UNAPEN, Inc. to learn more about our Microsoft solutions. 203.269.6111

June 11, 2020 David Gemma

eBook: Even though your team is working from home, you know they can be successful. You know they can do more. This eBook can show you how to empower your employees to connect and collaborate easier using teamwork tools. Learn how to communicate without effort, be more productive through better integration, customize features, and work with confidence. Start reading today! #Teams

May 27, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for May 2020

Video – How to Manage Meetings with Microsoft Teams
Tips – Taking Measures to Protect Your Mental Health While Working at Home
Video Tour – How High Performance Laptops are Built
Insight – The NFL Draft was Forced to Change Their Game Plan Due to Coronavirus
Tech – How UNAPEN is Building Better Solutions with Microsoft Power BI & SQL Server
Report – Discover, Remediate & Mitigate the Impact of Malware & Data Breaches
Industry Trends – Refinitiv Explores Fund Management After COVID-19
Ransomware – Over 750GB of Client Data Stolen from NYC Celebrity Law Firm
Prevention – The Importance of Consistent Software Updates for Phones, Computers, Devices
Advisor Solution – ClientRep: Automated, Flexible & Personalized Client Reporting
Trivia – A Flower Worth More than Gold

May 21, 2020 David Gemma

Are you tired of constantly searching for information that’s scattered across multiple systems? How much time and money would your Advisory firm save if you had one central portal to find and maintain all client, prospect and 3rd party information?   Advisors are wasting so much time these days looking for information instead of acting…

May 15, 2020 David Gemma

As more people work from home during the #COVID19 crisis, remote meetings have become a vital part of the workday. #MicrosoftTeams makes meeting remotely with coworkers and clients easier. Watch this video to see how! Sign up FREE!

May 14, 2020 David Gemma

As COVID19 continues to be a global health crisis, don’t forget to take care of your mental health. In a time of uncertainty and isolation, there are steps you can take to maintain your mental health while working remotely.

Fast Company has a few ideas to get you started. Tips range from acknowledging the impact to recognizing your needs to streamlining work and more.

May 6, 2020 David Gemma

As employees work at home, it’s crucial to help them feel connected. With Microsoft Teams, your team can easily connect and collaborate—all while social distancing and staying safe.

Empower your team to stay connected with #MicrosoftTeams & keep business running smoothly as you work from home. For an overview of features, watch this short video, then call UNAPEN to tailor Teams for your firm. 203.269.6111

May 5, 2020 David Gemma

As a financial firm, your clients depend on your guidance to help them make the most out of their fiscal decisions. These relationships require trust, often built over time. What would happen if that trust was broken? How long could you keep your clients at ease if you couldn’t execute trades, generate client statements or…

May 1, 2020 David Gemma

A truly comprehensive security system does more than just provide “locks” for the entrances to a network, it searches for and reacts to threats that may have already entered the system.

The Advanced Threat Protection integrated throughout Microsoft 365 monitors and protects everything from data, to endpoints, to user identities. These tools are always working behind the scenes to keep your business secure, keeping you in the loop without overwhelming you with information.

At UNAPEN, Inc., we believe in securing your business with a holistic strategy utilizing cutting-edge tools managed by our Cyber Security experts. Contact us to learn more. 203.269.6111
#ITComplete #cybersecurity #Microsoft365 #NetScan

April 29, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for April 2020
Tech – Microsoft TEAMS: Online Meeting Tips
Cyber Security – Safe & Secure Work From Home Computing Tips
Medical Tech – How 3-D Printers are Helping Fight the Coronavirus
FinServ Trends – Refinitiv Perspectives on the Growing Demand for ESG-Themed Products
Solution – Reduce Your Client Reporting Overhead and Frustrations
Hacked AGAIN – Marriott Suffers Second Breach in as Many Years
Video – Office 365 Renamed to Microsoft 365, Now Includes MS TEAMS, Same Low Monthly Price
SEC – Importance of Delivering Timely & Material Information to Investors
Tips – Do the Right Thing, Use Unique Passwords for Every Site with a Password Manager
Solution – A Complete Outsourced IT Suite that Flexes to Meet Every Budget
Trivia – The 4 C’s of Diamonds, the April Birthstone

April 29, 2020 David Gemma

While some people have worked remotely for years, many employees are, for the first time, grappling with where to create a workspace in their home. There’s more than just figuring out how to blur the background; check out this infographic of the nine best tips for a healthy remote working experience. View it here.

April 28, 2020 David Gemma

At UNAPEN, Inc., we want to set your business up for success with access to the tools and experience you need to stay protected from threats.

A new malware specimen is released every 4.2 seconds. As a small business owner, how can you be expected to keep up with the ever-shifting threats?

Luckily, you can rely on someone with a bit more resources and experience. Microsoft is continually pulling from their threat intelligence network to stay on top of the latest threats and keep your business protected in the changing landscape.

Contact us to learn more. 203.269.6111

April 7, 2020 David Gemma

PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK – April 6, 2020 – Koch Industries, Inc. announced that it has completed the acquisition of the remaining portion of Infor from Golden Gate Capital. Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, has been a key component of Koch’s technological transformation. Koch companies have made more than…

March 31, 2020 David Gemma

Register Today! COVID-19 Webinar: April 6th at 12:00 PM ET
The importance of accurate price valuations in the wake of unprecedented volatile markets.
COVID-19 is a pressing topic, however how is it likely to impact pricing evaluations?
Join this webinar to hear moderator, John Mason, Refinitiv’s Global Head of Pricing & Reference Data, panelists Jayme Fagas, Lisa Marks & Karl Mackelburg.
They will be discussing:
-The significance of independent evaluations in times of crisis and volatile markets
-How we stay in line with the market and market conventions
-How to continue to adhere to fair value requirements / obligations
-The importance of having access to an evaluator
#Refinitiv #PriceFusion

March 25, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for March 2020
Cyber Security – Breaches Happen Every Day. Learn How To Protect Your Firm
Health – How to Boost Your Immune System During an Outbreak
Silver Lining – Coronavirus Guidance for Financial Advisors
Report – SEC 2020 Cyber Security & Data Report
Tips – Employees are Your Biggest Risk! 4 Tips for Safe ‘Work From Home’ Computing
Tech – The Earth’s Fastest Supercomputer vs.The Coronavirus
Solution – Quick, Secure, Affordable Cyber Security Risk Reduction
Tech – Lacking the Tools to Effectively Work from Home?
History – The 1918 Philadelphia Parade wasn’t Cancelled Due to Pandemic, the Results were Devastating.
Advice – Keeping Kids Safe Online During School Closure
CDC Feed – Information and Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic
Solution – Already Suffered Ransomware? Try ITComplete with Guaranteed Ransomware Protection
Trivia – St Patrick’s Day & Corned Beef

March 23, 2020 David Gemma

At UNAPEN, our goal is to keep your business running without interruptions while remaining secure.

We know that with a cleverly worded email and one unfortunate click, a hacker can gain access to your system within minutes, and stay there for an average of 286 days before being detected.

How can you avoid this scenario? Check out this infographic to learn about the three most common ways hackers can gain access to your system and the holistic approach Microsoft 365 takes to keep them out.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, UNAPEN is here to help, please contact us to learn more.

March 4, 2020 David Gemma

Work-life balance can be an underrated yet important part of managing a diverse and high-performing team. So why do so many businesses lack the tools their employees need for increased flexibility? Sometimes, adopting the technology that’s required can be difficult. It’s helpful to have a guide who can help you sort through the solutions that are out there, so you can adopt a familiar suite of tools that will help your employees achieve more. At UNAPEN, Inc., we help businesses just like yours plan and implement modern solutions without sacrificing time and security. Contact us today to find out more on how we can help.

March 4, 2020 David Gemma

From helping researchers track endangered species to protecting our oceans, Microsoft is proud to support people and solutions positively impacting the world we live in. Whether your challenges are big or small, global or local, UNAPEN, Inc. can help you find the right solution. Subscribe today!

March 4, 2020 David Gemma

No matter where your job takes you, Microsoft 365 can adapt to your security needs, keeping company information safe without hindering you day to day. Check out how Microsoft 365 delivers comprehensive security for employees who are always on the go.

March 3, 2020 David Gemma

Artificial intelligence is more accessible than ever and has the potential to be a key strategic sales advantage. This is just one of the trends impacting sales this year. Read this Forbes article for insights on others.

March 3, 2020 David Gemma

Forbes predicts that 2019 will be different than years past. Budgets are lower and digital is much less expensive than it used to be. How are these trends and others paving the way for businesses to embrace digital transformation? Where is your company on the path to digital transformation? Not sure where to begin? Contact UNAPEN, Inc. for help.

February 29, 2020 David Gemma

Press Release – Koch Industries Agrees to Acquire All of Infor
NEW YORK – February 4, 2020 – Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, announced today that an affiliate of Koch Equity Development LLC has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the remaining equity stake in Infor held by Golden Gate Capital.
Koch intends to quickly position Infor as one of the most well-capitalized companies in technology.
“Koch’s decision to acquire Infor is a strong endorsement of our product strategy…” said Kevin Samuelson, CEO of Infor.
See the entire release here

Note: UNAPEN’s ClientLogix CRM is built upon the Infor CRM Platform

February 27, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
Industry Report – Refinitiv & Aite Group: 5 Transformational Trends in Wealth Management For 2020
Data Breach – 267 Million Facebook User Accounts Exposed on the Dark Web
CRM News – Koch Industries to Acquire All of Infor
CRM Solution – Nurture Existing Clients & Generate New Business
Cyber Security – Phishing Emails: Special Olympics “Communication System” Temporarily Hacked
IT News – Microsoft Windows End of Life – Now What?
Cyber Tips – The Importance of Building Better Passwords
Social Media – When was the Last Time You Looked at Your Privacy Settings?
Data Breach – Update on the Wawa Data Breach & a Letter from Their CEO
Monthly Trivia Question – What Mountain Peak is Furthest from the Center of the Earth’s Core?

January 28, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
Webinar – 10 Things U.S. Compliance Officers Need to Do in 2020
IT News – Support for Windows 7 & Server 2008/2008R2 has Ended
Press Release – 2020 Priorities for SEC Compliance Inspections & Exams
Solution – Embrace Custom Client Reporting Automation to Significantly Reduce Costs
Case Study – Client Reporting Improves Client Satisfaction & Drives Profitability
Data Breach – RING Home Security Cameras Hacked…Somebody is Watching!
Tech Tips – Windows 10: Keyboard Shortcuts
Cyber Security – Board of Education Suspects Phishing as Source of Attack
UNAPEN – Proud to Carry Microsoft GOLD Partner Status into Yet Another Decade!
Video – Unique Passwords, Complexity, Phrases and Password Management (1 min)
Guidance – Steps to Put a Digital Inheritance Plan in Place
Monthly Trivia Question – Something’s Missing from the Periodic Table of Elements

November 26, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
News – SEC Honors Veterans & Service Members
Commentary – Thanksgiving for Wealth Advisors & Cotton Farmers
Question – Why Do Wealth Mgmt Firms Still Dread Quarter/Year End Processing & Reporting?
Solution – High-Margin Growth & Operational Efficiency for Wealth Mgrs

Video – Phishing Attacks in Greater Hartford,CT Area

Solution – Immediate Returns on IT & CyberSecurity Investments
Report – Money Market Fund Trends & Statistics
Tools – Investor.Gov Online Planning Tools
Society – Troubling Employment Stats for Recent College Grads
Cyber Security FAQ – Spotting Fake Tech Support Phone Scams
Warning – Fake Online Holiday Shopping Stores
Monthly Trivia Question – Macy’s Parade Floats & Helium

October 31, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
Toolkit – National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019
Problem – Advisors are Wasting So Much Time Looking for Information Instead of Acting on It
Solution – UNAPEN Affinity™ SQL Data Repository for Advisors
Learning – Step-by-Step Guide to Hacking a Bank: Inside the Mind of a Hacker!
Solution – Overcome Your Client Reporting Struggles
Video – Easy Client Reporting for Wealth Managers
News – Police Department Credentials Exposed Through a Dark Web Share
News – Dominion National Exposes 2.9 Million People’s Credentials Over 9 Year Breach
Video – Flying Cars are Finally Taking Off!
Tips – FBI Cyber Security Tips
Monthly Trivia Question – Can You Name This Famous 1983 Hacker Movie?

September 27, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
News – Focus on Socially Responsible Investing Due to Global Climate Strikes, the U.N. Climate Summit & Climate Week NYC
Solution – Refinitiv Enabling Financial Professionals to Differentiate Their Services with ESG Data
Data Breach – 3 Years of Job Seeker Data Exposed
Technology – PriceFusion Provides Automated Axys/APX Data Bridge to Refinitiv DataScope Select
Video – Auto Industry Faces Uphill Battle to Secure Internet-Connected Cars
Disaster Recovery – World Class Data Protection Wealth Advisors Can Rely On
News – Fraudulent Gold Bars are Now Being Filtered into the Global Market
Cyber Security – Social Scams You Need to Know!
Monthly Trivia Question – Do you know what the Autumnal & Vernal Equinox Signifies?

August 29, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
Google Study – Laziness Leading to Data Breach
Solution – ClientLogix CRM for HNWI, INSTIT, SMA/UMA
Technology – Microsoft Announces End-of-Life on Product Lines
Breach Report – Baseball Hall of Fame
Learning – Defend Your Digital Self Against Phishing Attacks/Scams
Tip – How to Make All Employees a Critical Line in Cyber Defense
Tip – Reducing the Risk of Data Exposure for Traveling Employees Accessing Public Wi-Fi
Monthly Trivia Question – 900 Million People Flew Last Year, Which Airline Came Out on Top?

July 31, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
Video – Safe Web Browsing Techniques in 60 seconds!
Another Quarter End, Another Painful Client Reporting Fire Drill?
Solution – It’s Time for a Smart Reporting Solution to Help Your Firm!
Operations – Streamlining Client Service Operations
Tech Buzz Words in Financial Services that You Should Learn
CyberSecurity Impact on Markets – US Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Technology – Infor CEO Charles Phillips Talks Tech
Article – What are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)?
Compliance – Tools & Guides in the FINRA Compliance Toolbox
Monthly Trivia Question – Most Dangerous Month of the Year for Stock Speculation

June 26, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
UNAPEN Newsletter – June 2019
Spotlight – Why We Partner with Datto for Business Continuity
Regulatory Oversight Hits Facebook Again Over Libra Cryptocurrency
Downtime – Google Suffers Outages Twice in 2 Weeks!
Video – A Humorous Look at Real Scenarios That Can Take Down Your Firm
Data Breaches – Cetera Financial, Voya Financial and More
eBook – Safeguarding Your Business If Disaster Strikes
Future Tech – Future Bridges Include Robots, Cafes & Pedestrians
Article – What is the Dark Web & What Does it Mean to Me?
Awards – Best Market Data Provider Goes to Refinitiv Again!
Trivia – Let’s Talk Money

June 18, 2019 David Gemma

Without backup solutions for services like Office 365 and G Suite, businesses stand to lose valuable time and data. UNAPEN and Datto have teamed up to bring you ITComplete DataSafe specifically for Financial Services, Non-Profits & Educational Institutions.

May 30, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
UNAPEN Newsletter – May 2019
Video: What is Social Engineering? No, it is NOT a Facebook course!
Report – 2019 SEC Examination Priorities… with a Focus on CyberSecurity & Business Continuity
Solution – Getting Your Firm Well-prepared for Cyber Risk, Business Disruption & SEC Auditors
Cyber Security Awareness & Training For Wealth Management & Investment Advisory Firms
Hacked – Redtail CRM Exposes Confidential Data of Their Financial Services Clients
Video: Am I Using “Easy” Passwords – What is the Problem?
Wow – Kentucky Derby: That Never Happened in 145 Years
Report – Who, What, How in the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report
Trivia – Rules for Flying the Flag on Memorial Day

April 30, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
UNAPEN Newsletter – April 2019
Video – Tired of Wasting Time & Money on Client Reporting Cycles?
What does UNAPEN’s Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner Designation Mean to Our Clients?
Solution – ClientRep Reduces Custom Client Reporting Effort by Over 60%
News – Hackers Take Police Ransom in Albany & Atlanta!
Have you signed up for SEC updates related to Reporting, Compliance and More?
From Finance Firms to Factories — Technology Powers Industry Innovation
Case Study: Challenges & Solutions Encountered with Axys Custom Reporting
Tip – Simplifying Password Complexity
Trivia – Thermodynamics Behind the Stanley Cup

April 19, 2019 David Gemma

Refinitiv, will supply bond pricing for the new index designed to measure the US municipal tax-exempt, investment grade bond market, which is one of the largest bond markets in the world. This represents an important addition to the growing global FTSE fixed income index family.