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Cloud Migration & Digital Transformation

UNAPEN is a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Over the past 30+ years, UNAPEN has provided IT solutions that offer multi-level, secure OutSourced/Managed ITDisaster Recovery, Business Continuity & CyberSecurity services to protect your data,reduce or eliminate IT payroll expense, and maintain your critical systems.



We will help you plan, design and implement the best systems for your needs and your budget.

UNAPEN is a highly specialized Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering a combination of in-depth industry expertise and a scalable platform to facilitate your firm's evolution to modern technology, data integration, business processes, and organizational change.

ITComplete Suite of Services

A multi-layered IT strategy that protects your firm, your clients and your budget!

Fast, Intelligent, & Knowledgeable Team, Provide Terrific Advice,

You Will Not Be Disappointed!

UNAPEN, ITComplete, UNAPEN ITComplete, Outsourced IT, Wealth Management IT Services, ITComplete DataSafe, ITComplete NetScan, Cyber Security, Dark Web Monitoring, UNAPEN Dark Web Monitoring, Ralph DiFiore, Chatsworth Securities“UNAPEN is a fast, intelligent and knowledgeable team that understands our systems and computers.  We’ve never had a problem getting something fixed and the people are always pleasant and easy to get along with when solving issues with our computers.
They have great understanding of our needs and provide terrific advice regarding how to install the best equipment and systems to handle and grow our business.
My advice is to select UNAPEN for all your IT needs… you will not be disappointed!”

- Ralph R. DiFiore, CFA, Senior Managing Director, Chatsworth Securities LLC


Take the stress and expense out of managing your IT.

With any one of our fixed-cost, Managed IT Services packages, you can run your business every day knowing that your technology and IT infrastructure are secure, stable and up-to-date.

IT Support & Services for Any Size Firm

IT Complete ServicesITComplete™ utilizes remote monitoring to proactively support and maintain the servers and hardware used for all your applications, ensuring that they are available and reliable. This automated solution allows you to control IT costs as your business grows and avoid budget surprises.

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Business Continuity & IT Risk Planning to Meet Any Budget

A multi-layered strategy that protects your firm, your clients and your budget! UNAPEN Business Continuity PlanningDo you have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Site(BCS)? Your critical business processes should be protected against: power outages, fire, storms, hardware failure. We can evaluate your needs, build you a plan, and implement an offsite infrastructure to keep your business running.

Learn More about Business Continuity & ITComplete DATASAFE

UNAPEN - Expert providers of Business Continuity solutions since 1995.

ITComplete DATASAFE™ is an advanced Data Backup and Disaster Recovery service provided by UNAPEN. Your data is replicated to hardened, bi-coastal repositories and ready to restore in minutes.

Comprehensive Cyber Crime Prevention & Protection

Cyber criminals are working overtime to steal your valuable business data.

We provide you security and peace of mind by protecting your network, your confidential client information, your business credentials and your employees.

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Find out how the right NetScan service level can be a cost-effective way to identify vulnerabilities that could leave your firm at risk.

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Proactive Network & Business Security

Network & Security Assessment

Dark Web Monitoring & Alerts

Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability scanning to identify network weaknesses. UNAPEN Business Continuity PlanningWondering not if, but how vulnerable your network is to Cyber Attacks and Security Breaches? Find out in a fully documented, monthly or quarterly report on where your network may be susceptible to intrusion in order to protect your firm and your confidential client information.

Dark Web Monitoring to prevent breach. We can run a live search to detect if your firm is vulnerable to a breach due to exposed employee credentials.

Ongoing Employee Training to reduce risk of Phishing attacks. Employees are a significant risk if they don't know how to defend against social engineering and phishing attacks.

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FlexIT ServicesIT Flex Services

The demand for IT is expanding exponentially. You can keep up with today's demands and NOT increase your staff or payroll overhead. Our IT services cover Email filtering, Virus and Spyware protection, Network Security, Network Design and more.

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We help you meet the needs and demands of today's work-from-home/work-from-anywhere workforce.

Senior Business Analysts at UNAPEN can also look at your technology to suggest ways to automate your processes to save time spent on daily tasks.

Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration & Business Automation

UNAPEN IT Consulting Services

Considering the move from on-premises solutions to a cloud infrastructure?

The recent migration of the workforce to a remote workforce means that your firm must adapt its technology infrastructure and workflows in order to focus on mobile productivity. Enabling virtually-delivered data and services lessens the need to tether an employee to an office desk.

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ITComplete Suite of Services

A multi-layered IT strategy that protects your firm, your clients and your budget!

Local & Cloud Data Backup,

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

Outsourced IT Services

Network Monitoring

Proactive Support

Cloud Migration

Digital Transformation

 Network Cyber Security Assessments

Cyber Health Reports with Risk Scores

Dark  Web Monitoring

Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

vCISO Services

-  Run Your Business Anywhere

- Protect Anything

- Restore Anytime

- Guaranteed Ransomware Protection

- 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring & Alerts

- Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

UNAPEN Dark Web Monitoring

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