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What is an Endpoint and Why Do I Need to Protect It?

Every device that employees use to connect to business networks - like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices - represents a potential risk that cyber criminals can exploit to steal corporate data.

These devices/endpoints are proliferating which makes securing them increasingly difficult. It is therefore vital for businesses to deploy tools and solutions that protect their front line cybersecurity.

What is Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR/XDR/MDR)?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR/XDR/MDR) solutions cover all endpoint monitoring and activity through threat hunting, data analysis, and remediation to stop a range of cyberattacks.

These attacks include malware, ransomware, brute force, and zero-day intrusions.  

Our endpoint security solution protects your business network by examining files as they enter the network, and then comparing them against an ever-increasing database of threat information, which is stored in the cloud.

EDR XDR MDR co-managed XDR Endpoint detection and response solutions by UNAPEN ITComplete

Organizations with Sensitive Data are Activating EDR/XDR/MDR Solutions!

Adoption has been rapid as more and more firms AND 3rd party service platforms (including Cyber Insurance providers) are making EDR/XDR/MDR a standard and in some cases, an outright requirement of doing business.

Here's what businesses are planning:

EDR XDR Endpoint detection and response percent used by businesses

How Do EDR/XDR/MDR Solutions Work?

With 24/7 monitoring by Cyber Security Analysts, action can be taken in real-time to block traffic, subdue an active intrusion and/or disconnect device posing an active threat.

All within seconds or minutes of detection.

Effective EDR/XDR/MDR solutions leverage machine learning and behavioral analysis to scan all traffic on your network.

This includes the ability to scan email attachments, local machines, 365 tenants and monitor for network activity outside the norm.

For example, if an Excel file received as an email attachment begins running code, the EDR software will quarantine the file and alert an administrator.

As most of us know, email attachments are a favorite attack vector of cybercriminals. The ability for infected attachments to be detected before they can be opened by your employees can significantly lessen your risk of cyberattack.

EDR/XDR programs know how common programs are meant to function and will notice out-of-the-ordinary behavior. So, if a file or program begins to act suspiciously, EDR will detect that behavior and begin investigating why.

Knowledge of malicious activity across other networks (the "X" in XDR) globally is essential to protecting your network.

Additionally, EDR/XDR/MDR can trace the origins of a malicious file and compare against global analytics to help identify malicious activity and patterns already discovered at other sites, allowing quicker response to similar threats on your networks.

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