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ITComplete DATASAFE™ is an advanced Data Backup

and Disaster Recovery service provided by UNAPEN,

expert providers of Business Continuity solutions since 1995.

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"We were able to access our systems within hours, not days or weeks."

"It is no longer just a luxury to have a solid solution for back-up and recovery of data.

UNAPEN's ITComplete DATASAFE is not only affordable but during a recent emergency, we were able to access our systems within hours, not days or weeks."

- CEO, Hynes, Himmelreich, Glennon & Company

ITComplete DATASAFE provides all the benefits of fully automated data backup and disaster recovery that is affordable by any size firm.

Keep Your Information Safe!

- Offsite storage of backups at bi-coastal SAS-70 data centers

- During both transmit and cloud storage, all data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption

- Onsite and Cloud storage options allowing flexibility and adaptability to your in-house security requirements

Keep Working During a Major Disruption

- Activation of critical systems in the cloud for access from anywhere with an Internet connection

Recover Quickly from a Local Failure

- Activation of a virtual server onsite to minimize impact of a hardware failure

- Onsite storage for fast retrieval of files, emails, databases, etc.


Get Production Systems Back to Normal Faster

- Improved deactivation to restore your production systems from the cloud after a business disruption

For Example:

If your server were to become unavailable for any reason, an exact copy of it would be activated from the last backup to allow you to keep working while the physical system is being repaired or replaced.  While you are running on this virtual system, backups continue to run so that when the system is restored, the latest data is available.

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The way you structure your business today will impact your productivity tomorrow.

What's your Plan?

A Business Continuity Plan, or BCP, is vital in today's business world. What happens if there is a power loss, loss of building, travel ban or hardware failure?

How will you get there?

Part of your BCP includes setting up a Business Continuity Site, or BCS.  A BCS is an on-line site that is maintained with frequently refreshed data ready for access on a moment’s notice.

How can we help?

UNAPEN provides a wide range of consulting services to help you understand, evaluate and implement a BCP.

- We examine all the potential service interruptions and identify the risk and redundancy of all your electronic and hard-copy information.

- Once our plan is completed, the hardware and software needed to host and update the most critical elements of your business process can be put in place.

- From that point you can rest easier knowing that your business operations will continue in the face of disaster.

Our process provides the structure required for evaluating and documenting critical business processes as well as prioritizing the steps that must be followed to maintain these operations during a business disruption.

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