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Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration

Considering the move from on-premises solutions to a cloud infrastructure?  The recent migration of the workforce to a remote workforce means that your firm must adapt its technology infrastructure and workflows in order to focus on mobile productivity. Enabling virtually-delivered data and services lessens the need to tether an employee to an office desk and helps you offer the capabilities that meet the needs and demands of today's work-from-home/work-from-anywhere workforce.


  • Senior IT personnel at UNAPEN will recommend and help to guide you to transform your firm with an end-to-end approach to cloud migration from strategy to implementation and ongoing support.
  • We will help determine exactly what business outcomes you want from the cloud and how to unleash those outcomes.
  • Our Experts can also confer with you to discuss re-architecting, optimizing and/or migrating your software applications to a new cloud platform.
  • The goal is to provide your firm with cloud capabilities that provide highly accessible solutions that continuously help to improve the user experience.
  • Also check out our section on Microsoft Teams migration to provide employees with the ability to instantly access and share information from anywhere at any time so they can easily collaborate, meet critical deadlines, and respond to client needs more efficiently.


Automate, Affordably

Firms are constantly striving to run their operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. Sometimes, an outside pair of eyes that has the knowledge and background to objectively look at your operations and spot inefficiencies can be extremely beneficial if you are trying to tighten your budget, comply with compliance regulations more closely, or reduce stress on your staff.

  • Senior Business Analysts at UNAPEN can also evaluate your technology to suggest ways to automate your processes and save time spent on daily tasks.
  • Automated processes are also an effective way to increase security measures and comply with SEC regulations as there is less room for human error.

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