FlexIt Services and Consulting

UNAPEN is ready to help you keep your IT infrastructure up to date, secure and running smoothly. Our consulting and planning services can show you how to stay ahead of the IT curve, affordably. We will help you choose the right flex plan to meet the critical needs of your business.

Our FlexIt plans provide IT resources to any size organization. FlexIt plans can be based on budgets, resource requirements or project time lines. For smaller organizations, FlexIt plans offer your business the opportunity to get expert IT services in areas that are most important for you.

IT Security

UNAPEN is able to offer a full range of IT Security services from certified professionals. Our abilities include designing, auditing and maintaining firewalls and other security systems as well as responding to and recovering from system compromises and intrusions. Whatever your security needs, UNAPEN can provide assistance to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and data.

Virus and Spyware Protection

For years, UNAPEN engineers have evaluated and worked with numerous Antivirus, Antispyware and Anti-Malware products. We are familiar with Grisoft AVG, Symantec (Norton) Antivirus, McAfee, ETrust and Sophos. We are most impressed with Trend Micro's current products for pricing, ease of use, excellent reporting and solid protection. That is why we have chosen to incorporate Trend Micro into our managed services offering and provide it as a managed service in itself.

We will install Trend Micro AntiVirus on your systems, monitor operations, provide regular reports to your IT Staff and respond to all alerts and problems. The response to an issue can be as small as notifying your IT Staff, or, as comprehensive as arriving on site to perform whatever steps are needed to have all your systems running and fully protected ASAP.

Email Filtering

UNAPEN’s email filtering allows you to secure your electronic communications without the problems and expense associated with a locally installed solution. Since the service is 100% hosted, there is minimal setup time, no long term commitment and zero additional workload to install and maintain hardware and software. In addition, each employee is given the ability to manage their own email quarantine, approve and block senders and adjust their filtering sensitivity; allowing your IT resources to focus on more critical matters.

UNAPEN’s email filtering automatically sends an email listing all quarantined items to each user every day, which eliminates the hassle of having to remember to check quarantines or log in to multiple services to get inadvertently filtered messages. Additionally, all messages may be read from the quarantine in complete safety.

Network Design

Our experts can assist with any design or expansion needs you have. From simply adding workstations to complete redesigns, migrations to more current operating systems, and designing and implementing a new infrastructure, UNAPEN engineers have done it all.

Technical Support Agreements

Our technical support agreement covers all aspects of your IT needs including consulting, new projects and general support. If you choose to prepay on the yearly contract, you can enjoy a significant discount off our regular hourly rates.

UNAPEN also offers a complete package of IT solutions. Read about our ITComplete package here.

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