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Dark Web Compromise & Remediation

How can Dark Web Monitoring help protect my Company?

UNAPEN Dark Web Monitoring is designed to help any type of company proactively detect and mitigate cyber threats that leverage stolen email addresses and passwords.

Our service utilizes a combination of human effort combined with artificial intelligence to scour botnets, criminal chat rooms, blogs, websites and bulletin boards, Peer to Peer networks, forums, private networks, and other black-market sites 24x7x365 in order to identify stolen credentials and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden universe contained within the “Deep Web”, a sub-layer of internet that is hidden from conventional search engines.

Search Engines like Google, BING and Yahoo only search about .04% of the indexes or “Surface” internet. The other 99.6% of the web consists of databases, private, academic, government networks and the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is 550 times larger than the surface web and constantly growing. Given the ability to operate anonymously, the Dark Web holds a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity.


My credentials are exposed on the Dark Web…What should I do next?

If your Credentials or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are found on the Dark Web, it is important that you take swift action. It is only a matter of time before exposure becomes a problematic and costly compromise. Next steps will vary based on the type of exposure found.

Outlined Below are Remediation Guidelines, by Type of Exposure Reported:

UNAPEN Dark Web Monitoring

Video - Compromised Employee Credentials


Video - Corporate Breach Prevention