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A multi-layered Cyber Security strategy that protects your firm, your clients and your budget!

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Over 90% of security breaches are caused by human error, organizations must train their employees on how to defend against social engineering and phishing attacks!

How can I Evaluate My Organization's Cyber Health?

UNAPEN offers ITCOMPLETE Cyber Security Training & Defense which comprises 3 Steps:

Mock Phishing Attacks

Unannounced, mock, simulated phishing attacks targeting your employees are sent at staggered, random dates and times, so all employees don’t receive them on the same day.

Identify & Understand Risk

Results from these simulations are reviewed and tallied, allowing organizations to understand their risk of falling victim to a social engineering attack.


Video Training & Online Quiz

For employees who do fall victim to the mock attack, they will receive short training videos with an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of the training content.

Our Cybersecurity phishing simulation and awareness training is geared to the non-technical end user, to enhance a company’s overall cybersecurity stance and further safeguard corporate systems and confidential information.

What is Phishing?


Phishing scams are fraudulent methods used by cybercriminals via generic, mass email or electronic communications to trick people into divulging personal or financial information, login credentials for work or 3rd party websites, or other key information that can be used for identity theft, fraud, or downloading malware/ransomware.

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing on the other hand, is when hackers do research on possible victims and know enough to personalize their scams to the specific individual or organization so that it appears as if the messages are coming from a trusted source.


Here’s an Example of Spear Phishing Aimed at Financial Services Firms:

The web or email accounts of employees at Financial Services firms are being compromised (find out how prevent employee credentials from compromise here)

and the hackers are actually reading historical messages to uncover financial information about the firm and/or their clients. 

They then use this information and the victim’s account to send wire transfer requests to financial services firms.  Since they have access to the victim’s email history,

these requests contain accurate information that you would think only the sender would know.

Hackers have used this approach successfully for years and made off with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident.

Make well-trained employees an active part of your Cyber Defense Strategy!