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UNAPEN Business Consulting Overview

What We Do

UNAPEN is far more than a consulting firm that provides analysis, research, and strategy services:

- We provide our clients with integration services when they elect to acquire “best of breed” solutions that span multiple vendors.

- When requirements are complex or site-specific, we build custom blocks of functionality that bridge gaps that may exist within or between service providers, software platforms or individual applications.

- Finally, some clients elect to implement and build upon our own open platforms and applications for continuity and the benefits of a single source of support.

How We Got Here

We have had the opportunity to work with some of the best firms in the world.  From our early partner/provider relationship with Microsoft, through market strategy research with major custodians, up to our present day partnership with Infor and worldwide partner/co-marketing agreement with Thomson Reuters, we build and maintain strong relationships.

They’re based on mutual respect, trust and integrity that only comes through the consistent delivery of top quality solutions and services over a period of twenty-five years.

Why We Are Different

UNAPEN is somewhat unique in our structure and skill matrix -- we offer seasoned professionals who are both generally knowledgeable in many areas of Asset Management and Portfolio Accounting, but also possess specific skill sets in technical disciplines.  This allows us to concentrate on your engagement with fewer people and spend less time coordinating and handing-off of tasks.

The “over-specialization” of many firms and professionals in this business is what often leads to substantial overhead as very specialized people are shuttled in and out of a project with a time and monetary cost associated with too much knowledge transfer and project management within the consulting firm.

System Selection and Implementation

UNAPEN Consulting Services will help you choose the right system for your business.

Deciding which Portfolio Accounting or Trading System to implement in your firm is a decision that affects your front and back offices, management and your clients. For as long as we have been in business, we have been instrumental in helping firms select and migrate to new systems and we have successfully implemented the most widely used portfolio accounting systems across our diverse client base.

Choosing the wrong system for your firm can be detrimental to your business operations and your budget in the long run. However, it is easy to be misled or to miss a product’s shortcomings during a flashy sales demo.

Everyone's business needs are different, so how do you make sure you make the right choice for your firm? Our expertise in technology, financial services, other software vendors and industry trends makes us a valuable partner for firms considering migrating to or implementing a new system.

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