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Pressures on Family Offices to Modernize

Most organizations that experience both rapid and significant growth eventually encounter a point where their existing technology infrastructure and business workflows begin to act as an impediment to both growth and effective client service.

Family Offices, and Multi-Family Offices in particular, have begun to feel the conflicting pressures of enhanced reporting requirements coupled with more complex partnership and trust accounting issues.  Legacy solutions, and even contemporary solutions in the market, simply cannot provide the support which advisors with sophisticated investment and structured tax vehicles demand.

Goals of Our SFO/MFO Solutions

For almost three decades. UNAPEN, Inc. has helped some of the top single and multi-family offices to analyze, select and implement core business systems and automation solutions that provide:

  • Sophistication with capacity for future growth,
  • Transparency and audit trails,
  • Support for complex investment accounting, performance and cash management,
  • Proper interface between Financial and Investment Accounting platforms,
  • Powerful reporting, aggregation and attribution capabilities.
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Didn't Know UNAPEN Does So Much for Family Offices...There's a Reason

Privacy. Our work is discreet and confidential, driven by the nature of our prior engagements in M&A and SFO/MFO projects.  Our portfolio of projects spans a wide range of firms. It allows us to share an anonymous, composite view of how other Family Offices, your peers, have addressed similar issues.

We use this insight to offer specific guidance related to the needs of your firm, but with the added perspective of knowing what your specific peer community is working with and toward. Working for so many years, with such a variety of clients has given us a great body of experience.  Perhaps more importantly, our network of contacts spans all levels of these industry-leading firms and the vendor community that serves them.

How We Engage with Our Family Office Clients

Our goal is to assist our clients in moving quickly but safely, towards standard platforms and best practices that incorporate the current and future direction of the industry.

In addition to providing a strategic, operational and technical consulting services, UNAPEN has two specialized business units that provide packaged, commercial grade Application Services and  Managed IT ServicesThe Applications team has produced a wide range of technologies ranging from Family Office CRM and  Reporting platforms to accounting and valuation utilities.  Our IT Services team provides real-time 24x7x365 monitoring and remediation services, as well as business continuity and  security review and vulnerability assessments.

There are few firms with our knowledge of the industry, coupled with delivery mechanisms for tailored applications and IT services appropriate for Family Offices.

Sample Projects and Solutions

Some project and technology highlights that our clients count on us to provide with quality, integrity and value:

  • Matrix reporting technology (MRT) takes complex, multi-generational family structures, cross-linked assets and liabilities, and performance presentation down to the security level and blends them into individually specified report packages
  • QuickBooks Integration with bi-directional connectivity to investment accounting, fee tracking and cash management sources and destinations
  • Consolidation of partnership performance and comprehensive tracking of investments maintained in disparate systems
  • Transactional Integration with brokerage platforms, custody providers and shareholder servicing
  • Platform Conversion Support including data translation, vendor management and line of business support
  • Internal, External and Regulatory Compliance Support that includes best practices guidance, data management and audit/control surveillance

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