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Pricing & Reference Data Interface Connects SS&C Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) to LSEG® DataScope Select

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PriceFusion provides Significant Cost Savings and Straightforward Billing Practices compared to other vendors, and our clients enjoy the Completely Automated Tasks and compliment us on our White Glove Support & Service.

Automation of Tasks & Solid Integration with APX!

Vinnie Ribeiro, MBA, Partner, Hollander Asset Management, UNAPEN PriceFusion client, Refinitiv, DataScope Select, APX, Axys, Pricing and reference data

“Hands down this has been the most important benefit since we moved to using PriceFusion. We now have several pre-scheduled jobs that are kicked off automatically and incorporated directly into our financial software without wasting time and checking for errors.

I believe that UNAPEN's customer service is what sets them apart from other solution providers.  From negotiations to implementation, UNAPEN has been by our side.  Transitioning from one system to another is a daunting task, but the UNAPEN team was exceptionally helpful and on top of it.

Post-sale support is unlike any other in the industry.  Don't waste your time debating the switch any longer.  If the service meets your budget, there is no downside.”

- Vinnie Ribeiro, MBA, Partner, Hollander Asset Management

Reliability, Flexibility, Continuous Product Improvement, and the Technical Support

has been Great – All at a Lower Monthly Cost!

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“We wanted to switch our pricing service and our Thomson Reuters sales person made us aware of UNAPEN’s PriceFusion solution that integrates and delivers DataScope Select pricing data into Advent APX. While the lower cost was the driver of our move to DataScope/PriceFusion, I believe the biggest benefit of PriceFusion is the reliability of the application to run in an automated fashion overnight.

I have also been impressed by the upgrades that UNAPEN has made to PriceFusion in the last 2 years as they have provided additional flexibility and customization for our specific needs. Plus, the technical support has been great, and in the rare instance when there has been an issue, support has always been immediately available and solved the issue in a timely manner.

For anyone that’s hesitant to make the move to another content solution/vendor, all I have to say is…IT WORKS!


Why DataScope Select & PriceFusion?


+ On-Demand Inquiry via Web Portal

+ High Quality Data

+ Significant Cost Savings

+ Straightforward Billing Practices

+ Completely Automated Tasks

+ White Glove Support & Service

Your New Home for Fixed Income

Refinitiv’s evaluated pricing and reference data is trusted as an independent and accurate source of evaluated pricing by asset owners and managers worldwide.  

With daily evaluated pricing on over 2.6 million fixed income instruments and reference data covering more than 80 million instruments across all asset classes, these valuation services provide you with the trusted data you need to optimize your fixed income strategy.  

This data powers the FTSE Russell fixed income indices and is supported by Yield Book’s trusted analytics. This in turn empowers you to eliminate end of day pricing discrepancies in your portfolio valuations, resulting in accurate performance, minimal errors and optimal risk mitigation. 

Reliable Data, Affordable APX Pricing, Responsive & Knowledgeable Support Team!

Gofen and Glossberg, PriceFusion, PriceFusion APX, APX pricing, Axys Pricing, UNAPEN Gofen and Glossberg, UNAPEN PriceFusion, ICE data services, IDC, IDC alternative, ICE Alternative"Two factors - Our confidence in the data and the affordability of the PriceFusion/DataScope Select solution - have allowed us to move from monthly to daily downloading of prices and indices.

Compared to other solution providers, the staff on their support team is responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. UNAPEN’s willingness to put the customer first was evidenced during our install and their team‘s approach to issue resolution is consistent and reliable.

Our due diligence convinced us that PriceFusion was a great alternative and ultimate replacement for our data provider, but favorable customer feedback greatly influenced the final decision.  Potential clients should also look at the UNAPEN website where they share their mission statement, accomplishments and goals."

- Terrina Williams, Performance Analyst, GOFEN AND GLOSSBERG, LLC

APX Firms are Now Saving on Pricing & Reference Data!

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PriceFusion Task Processing Automation

So Easy, Pre-Scheduled Tasks Do All the Work!

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Pricing, Reference Data & Derived Analytics Solutions for Today's Market

We have simplified our Refinitiv brand, making it easier for customers to discover and access the full range of our capabilities at LSEG. Our Refinitiv data and analytics services has become LSEG Data & Analytics and our customer and third-party risk services are now LSEG Risk Intelligence. Refinitiv Benchmarks and Indices have joined the FTSE Russell part of LSEG. This brand change will give you an enhanced and simplified experience.

Top Notch Client Service, Very Helpful Quarterly Enhancements,

Easily Target Data Points for Our APX System

"UNAPEN’s client service is top notch.  They are always quick to answer any questions or provide training on their software.  If issues arise, the UNAPEN team addresses them immediately.

They provide a quarterly update of their software free of charge which has included some very helpful enhancements that my firm has requested.  This has allowed us to really target the data points that we want and prevent unnecessary data from cluttering our APX system."

 - Manager of Portfolio Administration, Boston-based Institutional & Private Wealth Management firm

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Decades of experience, Tremendous Product, Intra-day & End-of-day – It's Really Paid Off!

"PriceFusion has automated several tedious yet business-critical tasks and has been a tremendous product for our firm. We worked with UNAPEN during implementation to configure PriceFusion to update our APX system both intra-day and end-of-day and their decades of experience in integrating with Advent portfolio accounting systems really paid off!"

- Kentucky-based Multi-Strategy Institutional Investment Management Firm

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