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March 25, 2020 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for March 2020
Cyber Security – Breaches Happen Every Day. Learn How To Protect Your Firm
Health – How to Boost Your Immune System During an Outbreak
Silver Lining – Coronavirus Guidance for Financial Advisors
Report – SEC 2020 Cyber Security & Data Report
Tips – Employees are Your Biggest Risk! 4 Tips for Safe ‘Work From Home’ Computing
Tech – The Earth’s Fastest Supercomputer vs.The Coronavirus
Solution – Quick, Secure, Affordable Cyber Security Risk Reduction
Tech – Lacking the Tools to Effectively Work from Home?
History – The 1918 Philadelphia Parade wasn’t Cancelled Due to Pandemic, the Results were Devastating.
Advice – Keeping Kids Safe Online During School Closure
CDC Feed – Information and Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic
Solution – Already Suffered Ransomware? Try ITComplete with Guaranteed Ransomware Protection
Trivia – St Patrick’s Day & Corned Beef

October 31, 2019 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News
Toolkit – National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019
Problem – Advisors are Wasting So Much Time Looking for Information Instead of Acting on It
Solution – UNAPEN Affinity™ SQL Data Repository for Advisors
Learning – Step-by-Step Guide to Hacking a Bank: Inside the Mind of a Hacker!
Solution – Overcome Your Client Reporting Struggles
Video – Easy Client Reporting for Wealth Managers
News – Police Department Credentials Exposed Through a Dark Web Share
News – Dominion National Exposes 2.9 Million People’s Credentials Over 9 Year Breach
Video – Flying Cars are Finally Taking Off!
Tips – FBI Cyber Security Tips
Monthly Trivia Question – Can You Name This Famous 1983 Hacker Movie?