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February 24, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for February 2021
Videos – What is the Microsoft Power BI Platform & How to Get Started
Non-Profit Orgs – New Grant Program Offering $50k in Technology Improvements
Cyber Solution – Keep Your Data Safe & Protected with ITComplete DataSafe
Windows 10 – New Features to Boost PC Security & Privacy
Covid-19 Update – New Artificial Intelligence Tool to Thwart Covid-19
MS Teams – Rolling Out Customizable Branded Lobbies & More
Cyber Response – Have I Been Hacked? Signs & Actions Items
IT – Business Intelligence Begins with Your Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner & Ends with Intelligent Business Solutions
Cyber Security – Learn How to Protect Your Firm
Monthly Trivia – This Firm has had Several Names Over 25 Yrs & is in the News

January 27, 2021 David Gemma

Financial Services & Technology News for January 2021
Solution – Aggregate All Your Clients’ Assets & Present a Powerful Visual Story with Affinity & Power BI
Webinar – Refinitiv: Navigating Sanctions During 2021 and Beyond
CyberSecurity – Don’t Be a Victim! Protect Your Firm & Your Clients with ITComplete DataSafe
Tech News – Top Execs Relentlessly Targeted for Extortion by Ransomware Cyber-Gangs
2020 – What Now? How about a Negative Leap Year!
MS Teams – New Email Integration Feature Expected to Result in Serious Time Savings!
CyberSecurity – Home Network Wi-Fi Security Tips
Blog – Power BI Dashboard Tips for Consumers, Creators & Developers
Monthly Trivia – Planets with the Longest & Shortest Days in Our Solar System