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Mass Production of Client Reporting with Personalization

The ClientRep™ portfolio reporting solution integrates and incorporates data from multiple sources, then automatically creates client statements, meeting packages, invoices and internal management reports that look like they were produced by a dedicated marketing and graphics team.

All this in a fraction of the time it used to take!

Flexible, Affordable, Impressive

The reports you send to your clients are one of the most significant and visible representations of your firm. With a few simple mouse clicks, ClientRep launches a full production run of professional-looking and easy-to-read reports.

And ClientRep has the most unique pricing model in the industry!

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Decades of Reliable Reporting on Trillions of Assets and Counting...

Completely Customized Reports, Adapted to Our Needs and Workflows – with Service that was Fast and As Promised!

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“The UNAPEN ClientRep solution was compelling because it allowed us to have a client statement that looked exactly the way we wanted – completely customized. With other providers, we needed to fit within their solution. UNAPEN was unique in that they fit their solution and workflow to our needs.

For anyone considering an upgrade to their Client Reporting processes and packages, I’d recommend UNAPEN because their service was fast and as promised. The few troubleshooting issues we had were fixed usually within hours, and we were always able to reach someone and get a quick response.”

- Brian Baylis, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, BELL INVESTMENT ADVISORS

ClientRep - Custom Reporting for Axys & APX

Video (1min) - Embarrassed by the Outdated Look of Your Client Reports?


ClientRep allows your firm to mass produce Institutional, Private Client & Family Office client reports with personalization for each client.

Read more about our Matrix Reporting Technology for Family Offices


Matrix Reporting Technology (MRT) takes complex, multi-generational family structures, cross-linked assets and liabilities, and performance presentation down to the security level and blends them into individually specified report packages.

ClientRep Case Study

Find out how ClientRep transformed two firms from weeks of reporting nightmares to single-click reporting automation.


Higher Quality, Graphical Client Reports with Less Effort


You can break the never-ending client reporting cycle today!
Are you ready to give up the endless cycle of printing, checking, reprinting, collating, packaging and mailing client statements?

This can be your last quarter-end nightmare.

With ClientRep, you can review your automatically prepared statements on your computer, approve them for printing or electronic transmission, and be done with the whole process.

ClientRep consolidates financial data from your portfolio accounting system, as well as other internal and external data sources, generates an unlimited number of graphical reports, and places the entire process in a tightly controlled, automated production environment.


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You Can Customize Your Client Report Packages to Produce:

  1. Reports based on data that is consolidated from your portfolio accounting system, in-house systems and external data providers.
  2. User-specified index comparisons.
  3. Automatically collated, consolidated reports representing individual accounts or households.
  4. Custom commentary pages for each client.
  5. Flexibility that allow you to pre-define preferences for each client.
  6. Monthly, quarterly, annual and ad-hoc reports, client meeting packages and internal management reports.
  7. Create custom invoices with consistent branding to match your reports.
  8. Capability to push raw data or completed report packages to your choice of client portals.


ClientRep Provides Impressive Reports with Less Work

Stop scrambling to patch together a collection of Portfolio accounting system reports, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets which can be full of potential errors and omissions. ClientRep, on an automated basis, will provide your firm with impressive-looking reports in a more timely manner, and serve as a way to track your reporting to meet compliance regulations.


Unlock The Potential of Your Client/Investor/Management Reporting!

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